Obama Speaks To Soldiers at Fort Bliss To Mark Two Years Since End of Iraq War

Saturday, September 1, 2012 - 12:03pm

Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of when president obama officially ended the war in iraq to mark the occasion, he's visiting army base for bliss in texas, where he also paid a visit two years ago today.

It wasn't a campaign stop usually those are even shorter than the two hours obama visited fort bliss. But when the president arrived with a speech full of promises. His speech filled with promises. It seemed worth the wait. A promises to end the war in Afghanistan.

A promise to help morte veterans win more jobs, by offering tax credits to companies who hire veterans.

And just a few hours after signing an executive order. A promise to provide expanded mental health care services for combat soldiers struggling to re-enter life at home.

The push for mental health would include expanded suicide precention programs, a closer relationship with community health care providers, and an expansion of the nations veteran administration hospitals.

for bliss has been for there work at preventing suicides. Obama also praised the soldiers at bliss for their work in defeating saddam hussein and the iraq insurgency and rebuilding the country.

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