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Monday, September 20, 2010 - 11:44am

Campaigning for November's general election is in full swing.

This weekend, President Obama aimed straight for the heart of his party: black voters.

"Tell them that the time for action is now," said Obama.

The challenge of this upcoming election, for both sides is the Tea Party…Americans fed up with Washington.

Senate Candidate Joe Miller said, "Basically telling the American people, "Ah, don't worry about it. Everything's going to be OK," despite the fact that we have $13.4 trillion of debt."

Democrats are trying to use the party's fringe to sway those in the middle.

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine said, "The control of the Republican Party is in Tea Party candidates, who do not speak for independent or moderate voters at all."

Republicans are split…distancing themselves from the Tea Party's more radical elements, but trying to capitalize on its message.

South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint said, "For every person who takes up a sign and goes to a Tea Party rally, there are thousands of Americans who agree with them."

Meantime, President Obama is bearing down on big money interests.

"It's a power grab, pure and simple. They're hoping they can ride this wave of unchecked influence all the way to victory," said Obama.

The election is now just six weeks away.

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