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Monday, April 2, 2012 - 3:56pm

President Obama welcomes the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of Mexico at the White House today and talks about his heath care reform law.

Present Obama appeared with the leaders of Canada and Mexico, but spoke at length about the white hot domestic issue of his health care reform.

Thirty million uninsured will get coverage in 2014, but only if, the president argued, almost every American is made to buy coverage.

Last week in the U.S. Supreme Court, conservative justices mocked that.

Throwing out his plan, said the president, would be the kind of judicial activism, conservatives deplore.

Mexican President Calderon said he hopes the U.S. does achieve universal coverage.

Canadian Prime Minister Harper's nation already has it.

President Obama weighed in today knowing that his image and his re-election might depend on the high court ruling.

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