Number Of Valley Swine Flu Cases, Up

POSTED: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 - 7:52pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 12:33pm

The number of confirmed swine flu cases has jumped dramatically, across the nation and here in Texas with the most confirmed cases of the h1n1 flu virus.
According to the CDC, as of this morning in 45 state's 3009 cases have been confirmed with 3 deaths.
This afternoon state health officials in Texas confirmed 88 more cases bringing the total to 294.
Here in the Rio Grande Valley,the number of cases has gone up from 6 to 70.
The Valley is seeing a spike in confirmed swine flu cases.
Today, a large number of cases came back from the lab.
"This is what we expected we knew we were seeing clinical illness and the physicians were sending in lab tests and this is just the result of the good work being done."
Regional Director for the Texas State Health Department, Dr. Brian Smith says, the state of Texas in Austin is now doing their own testing.
Samples are no longer being sent off to the Center for Disease Control, so they're getting the results faster.
The number of new H1N1 cases, Dr. Smith says, look very similar to the normal flu-cases, they see every winter.
"The picture still looks exactly like regular seasonal influenza."
Before Today,there were only three cases in Cameron County, but the number has skyrocketed to 45.
In Hidalgo County, they have 14 confirmed swine flu cases, up from 1.
Starr County, previously had 2 cases, now there's eleven.
More are expected.
"We'll still have a few more cases and we'll still have a few more hospitalized."
None of these cases appear to be life-threatening, but doctors say, every patient reacts differently to the virus.

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