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Nude Awakening

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 - 2:38pm

Man running from police busts through apartment ceiling completely naked.

It was a normal Tuesday morning for Foxgate resident Kaliegh Townsend until she heard a noise from her ceiling. Kaleigh says "Well I was asleep in my bed and hear this loud crashing noise."

Startled by the noise, Townsend got out of bed to investigate, and that's when she received a rude awakening. Kaleigh says "he was naked"

That's right naked. Kaleigh says "there's this guy standing in the middle of my living room and theres a big gaping hole in my ceiling."

Townsend screamed for the man to leave but the man wanted to borrow a pair of shorts, Townsend kept telling him to leave and he bolted out the front door.

Kaleigh says "and then he gets halfway out the door and runs back in screaming at me just to borrow a pair of shorts so finally I get him to leave and he grabs my jacket and steals it wraps it around him and runs out the door."

According to Kaliegh, the man was staying in this apartment. The man crawled into the attic, busted through the fire wall, and fell into their apartment.

So who was the man who caused Townsend's nude awakening? Lamar county officals say his name is Patrick Williams of Adams county. Townsend believes Williams fled into the attic when Lamar officials were at the apartment complex for his arrest. He was convicted in 2007 for possession of cocaine and in 2010 a warrant was issued for his arrest because of failure to report to his probation officer. Lamar county officials say they have since captured Williams.

So what about the hole in Townsend's ceiling? And her jacket? Kaleigh says "they returned it and asked if I would like it back and I said no."

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