NTSB Investigating Edinburg Plane Crash

POSTED: Friday, April 10, 2009 - 4:26pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 12:33pm

All day long, The National Transportation Safety Board will be on-site investigating, Yesterday's plane crash which took the life of well-known, McAllen attorney, William Peisen.
NTSB Air Safety Investigators say, they're looking into the man, the machine, and the environment, to try and determine, what caused the Cessna plane to go down.
NTSB investigators say, early reports show that the pilot, was flying too low, and accidentally clipped power lines along Monte Cristo Road, before crashing into this orange orchard.
51-year old, Bill Peisen was the only one aboard the 1979 plane, headed for the Houston area.
Peisen radioed in to air traffic control that he was having problems with the engine.
Witnesses in the area say, they saw the engine sputtering.
Investigators are now looking at the wreckage, to find out what possibly could've caused the crash.
They say, it's going to be difficult because the engine blew, and 90 percent of the wreckage is completely charred.
Looking into all clues is their main mission.
"We'll also go to the airport, and conduct interviews who might have done a pre-flight inspection the morning of, or observed him just prior to take-off, to get an appreciation for the accident, how was he feeling was there anything wrong with him was he sick, was he pre-occupied with work?"
NTSB Air Safety Investigator, Jennifer Rhode says, they'll also be reviewing recordings and transcripts from Peisen's call in to air traffic control.
Experts from Cessna Manufacturing, and an Air Worthiness Inspector from the Federal Aviation Administration are helping NTSB with this investigation.
Tomorrow, a recovery team will be coming in from Lancaster, Texas to take the wreckage to a lab.

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