Non Profit Works to Register New Voters

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 - 8:18am

The general election is about three months away; a big one that includes not only local and state races, but also the presidential race.

News Center 23's Na'Tassia Finley has more on how one non-profit organization is trying to encourage voter participation among those who will be of age come November 6th.

"We are trying to energize the 18 year old eligible voters to come out and exercise their right to vote," says START Center, Community Liaison, Julio Santana III.

The start center, a non-profit organization is working over the next two weeks to get eligible voters registered to vote. They're making stops at locations throughout the county, which includes high schools, in hopes of targeting the newest group of eligible voters.

"The demographics and numbers are indicating that the average age of a valley resident now has dropped so what we're seeing is that the youth that are in the area are in greater numbers than used to be. So what we're seeing here is a trend here we are wanting to capitalize on and get these young voters into the voting process," says Santana.

At the community events Santana is simply signing voters up to get their cards and informing them of important dates, but beyond this, it's up to the teen to take it to the polls.

With already low voter turnout, only about two out of ten actually make it to the polls, here in valley, targeting new voters is key.

"It is critical because this becomes a lifelong trait I believe and once they start voting they'll see the effort and see the results and it becomes a trait they can share down with their kids."

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