No Vote On Sandy Aid

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 3:32pm

Outrage after House GOP leaders refuse to allow a vote on hurricane relief bill already approved by the Senate.

The plight of victims of Superstorm Sandy suffered another setback when GOP House Speaker John Boehner postponed a vote on federal aid late Tuesday, setting off blistering criticism, most notably from fellow Republicans.

"We cannot believe this cruel knife in the back was delivered to our region," said New York Representative Peter King.

Not one member of the House took to the floor Wednesday to defend Boehner.

"How can we treat an entire region of the country this way. It's the most disgraceful act that I've seen in this House," complained Democratic Representative Jerrold Nadler.

Even others from other parts of the country complained about the double standard for Sandy victims, especially compared to victims of Katrina, who received aid within two weeks.

It's been two months and still counting since Sandy.

"Absurd! Absolutely absurd, we demand nothing less than we have given the rest of the country," said New Jersey Representative Frank LaBiondo.

The blasting of Boehner went beyond the halls of Congress.

"The one group to blame for the suffering is the House majority and the Speaker John Boehner," said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

In a statement from the White House, President Obama urged Boehner to change his mind.

Following an afternoon meeting with Republican members from New York and New Jersey, Boehner did change a bit and promised to have a vote on the $60 billion relief package by January 15th.

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