No Smoking On The Road

Friday, April 1, 2011 - 10:30am

South Carolina considers ban on smoking in vehicles with children on board.

South Carolina legislators are considering a plan that would limit smoking in cars.

The bill would make it illegal for anyone to smoke in a car if a child is inside.

State Senator Darrell Jackson proposed the bill in 2007 after seeing a woman "puffing away" with a child strapped in the back seat.

He says the bill passed in the senate last year, but died in the house.

"I think there are some public safety and health my opinion that are more important than individual rights when that individuals rights jeopardizes the health, liberty and safety of someone else," he says.

The proposed law will stop anyone from smoking in a car while a child is strapped to a car seat.

The punishment would be a misdemeanor charge and a $25 fine.

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