No Deal

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 - 4:09pm

Budget battle continues after top level meetings fail.

With a government shut down looming, national parks set to close and Social Security checks in jeopardy, President Obama called Congressional leaders to the White House Tuesday, but got no deal.

He demanded one by the Friday deadline.

"It would be inexcusable for us not to be able to take care of last year's business...when we are this close, simply because of politics," he said.

Still, House Speaker Boehner is vowing not to cave.

"We want largest spending cuts that are possible and we're going to continue to fight for those," he said after the meeting.

To press that point, Republicans proposed a radical 2012 budget.

They'd slash Medicare and Medicaid to help cut $6-trillion over ten years.

They'd cut taxes further on the rich.

It's the Tea Party budget that many GOP freshmen have demanded.

"They didn't come here for a political career, they came here for a cause," said House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan. "This is not a budget, it's a cause."

And it's a tactic.

Republican leaders hope freshmen will back off their hardline on this year's budget stalemate.

"We don't want to shut government down, we just want to cut spending," said Virginia's Eric Cantor.

Boehner and top Senate Democrat Harry Reid are meeting again to try for a deal.

If they fail, President Obama says he'll call in both sides again Wednesday.

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