No babies allowed!

No babies allowed!
Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 9:04am

Florida college student and mom not allowed to take exam with infant by her side.

(WTLV)Rebecca Mabrey is a wife, college student and mother of a ten-month-old girl.

Mabrey is enrolled in a virtual course at Florida State College at Jacksonville. On June 2, she went to the college to take exams and said she was turned away. She was with her baby.

"I wheeled up there with my stroller and I was turned away," she said.

Mabrey said the test proctor said she could not have the baby with her.

"My exam was between her nap time and feeding time," said Mabrey, "My intentions were to let her sleep through my exam and right at the end she would wake up and want to breast feed."

Mabrey showed the proctor a copy of the state's "maternal and infant health care" law on breastfeeding, but that did not change anything.

"They're directly violating a Florida statute," she said.

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