NFL Talks Continue

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 4:05pm

Court hands NFL Players Union big victory as talks to prevent lock-out continue.

A federal judge has ruled NFL teams can't use four billion dollars in television revenue as lock-out insurance.

The move comes less than 48 hours before a threatened lock-out becomes reality if ongoing talks between NFL owners and the Players Association don't produce a new collective bargaining agreement.

Owners deny the ruling is a game changer.

"It doesn't change the dynamic for us at all," said NFL General Counsel Jeff Pash. "We've been very clear the television money was a loan, it's not a payment, it's not anything we were counting on. The decision was frankly not unexpected."

Players believe they have the advantage in the courtroom, and living rooms across the country.

"Without the players there is no game and the players understand that the fans are the ones that drive the game," says Players Association President Kevin Mawae.

Still, it's a fight between the rich and the really rich.

"You have a very powerful group of people saying that "We want to pay you less and have you work more, or we will lock the doors,' and that's all it is at the end of the day," says The Nation sports editor Dave Zirin.

If there are lockouts fans aren't the only ones to lose out.

Stadium workers, vendors and others will all feel the pinch.

The two sides could agree to postpone the deadline if talks appear to be going well.

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