Newborn baby found alive inside dumpster

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 4:05pm

Houston police are looking for the person responsible for throwing a newborn baby away with the trash, Amanda Perez has more on the shocking discovery.

A Ricky Ramirez who works at the Reserves at Windmill Lakes says he thought he heard a cat, but after opening a trash bag he saw a newborn baby boy.

He held it, keeping it warm while other workers called 911, "I was going to the back of the property on the golf cart and I saw Carlos carrying something in his hands and I got close and it was a baby, a newborn baby."

Firefighters rushed the baby to a hospital and police are now looking for a person who left a newborn to die

"She needs to go to jail and serve her time for her child."

There may have been clues among the trash found in the same bag. Police were seen entering a nearby apartment after no one answered the door. The apartment is now surrounded by crime scene tape, the investigation just beginning.

Police say the newborn baby boy is expected to survive.

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