New Reverse 911 System

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 11:16am

CAMERON COUNTY - Cameron County is getting ready to go public with their reverse 9-11 system.

You usually call them, but if you're registered, they'll call you in a time of emergency.

Cameron county is getting ready to publicly test their reverse 9-1-1 system Thursday august 30th at a randomly selected time.

As of now all land lines are automatically entered into the call system.

The reverse 911 system which has been an idea in Cameron County since 2009 is finally coming to life. Officials with the Cameron county emergency communications district, which is separate from the county government, say the reverse calls will inform registered residents with emergency information regarding an impending danger, like a hurricane, or a threat that has already happened.

August 30th will be the test run to see if the system is operating the way it's intended. Officials urge residents to get registered as soon as possible so they can take part in the test run.

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