New litter patrol unit on South Padre Island

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POSTED: Friday, May 31, 2013 - 3:42pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 10, 2013 - 7:42am

Patrolling up and down the beach this is the Town of South Padre Island's new litter patrol.

"We have hired two full time litter patrol officers who will be out here in their mules and the main job is to meet with our beach goers and make them aware of anti litter initiative please asking to not leave there trash just leaving with a sun tan."said South Padre Island Council member Alita Bagley

The motto behind the litter patrol is to *treasure it, and don't trash it.*
If people do litter on the beach and don't follow the rules they face some stiff penalties.

"A person who is convicted receives a citation could face up to a 2-thousand dollar fine."said Bagley

Besides the two patrol officers there will be around 40 volunteers set up in 4 tents throughout the beach educating the public about keeping the beach clean.

"the city goes out of their way to keep the beach clean we have trash cans conveniently places for people to use and we want everyone to enjoy the beaches because they are most beautiful in texas.

Denise McCue and her family from phoenix are enjoying the beautiful day at the beach...they think the patrol is great idea.

"For the environment in general, and when we come to the beach we like it clean we pick up after ourselves and expect everyone else to as well."said Bagley.

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Fantastic Idea! I was vacationing on South Padre recently and spotted these patrols. One patrol officer even had to remind a visitor about trashing his empty bottle in the trash can. After witnessing this, I was glad to do my part and pick up any extra litter left behind by others. The majority of the beach was clean, but I suggest there will need more litter patrols around the north side close to the beach bars.

I visited South Padre

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