New Law Targets Bullying

Monday, August 27, 2012 - 12:12pm

Texas law allows teachers and administrators to remove bullies from school.

Sophie Martinez is getting ready to start her senior year at Texas' La Joya High School.

One problem is always in the back of her mind: bullying.

Martinez said she has never been bullied, but stories about bullying from her friends really give her concern.

"It has gotten worse through out the years. Every year I notice a difference," said Martinez.

Now a new bullying law, going into affect September 1st, brings hope.

The new law actually allows administrators to remove a bully from the school he or she was causing problems.

Students are skeptical of the idea that relocating a bully will work.

"It is a good idea, it will help the school that it is happening at, but then I think about the other school, like what are they going to do? You can't just keep them contained in a little box by themselves, but just to help them to understand what they are doing is wrong," said Martinez.

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