New Kind of Wedding Registry

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 - 9:24am

Alternative wedding registries are on the rise.

Before you buy your next wedding gift you'll want to hear about the latest twist on the tradition.

Alternative registries are on the rise.

Flatware and salad bowls top the list of today's choices but many couples already bring these items into a marriage.

"I’m seeing more and more couples that are getting married a little bit older, or they've been together for a long time and they've been living together so they already have their housewares," said Nora Shields, wedding planner.

One idea is for honeymoon help.

Guests pitch in for a meal or round of golf during your stay.

Other options might be that couples can ask for mortgage money or home improvements.

Guests can also finance a staycation for a newly married couple, or make a charitable donation.

Going beyond the traditional plates and place setting is appealing to many brides.

It’s even ok to ask for cash if it’s spread through word of mouth from family and words like donation and contribution are used. And you have at least one online registry.

"Include the information on your website so people can have links directly to your register to make it really easy," said Shields.

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