New Evidence In Trayvon Case


POSTED: Thursday, March 29, 2012 - 2:33pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 29, 2012 - 2:33pm

Police station video seems to contradict George Zimmerman's account of injuries.

Newly released police video shows George Zimmerman being brought in for questioning just after he admitted to shooting and killing Trayvon Martin.

They are the first pictures of the community watch volunteer from that night, most telling according to the Martin's family attorney, because of what you don't see.

"It is clear now. We have heard with our ears the 911 tapes, now tonight America sees with our eyes the video and we know that police report is a fabrication," says attorney Benjamin Crump.

The official police report says Zimmerman's "back appeared to be wet and was covered in grass, as if he had been laying on his back on the ground" and that "Zimmerman was also bleeding from the nose and the back of his head" and that he was "given first aid" in the back of a police cruiser.

His attorney has said his nose was broken, his head slammed against the concrete, and maintains the new video doesn't provide any new evidence in the case.

"The video is very grainy as far as being able to see the injuries that were recently sustained and then later cleaned up. clearly the report shows he was cleaned up before being taken in the squad car," said attorney Craig Sonner.

In an interview with the Orlando Fox Affiliate Zimmerman's father said Martin threatened his son - who acted in self defense.

"Trayvon Martin said something to the effect of you're gonna die now, or you're gonna die tonight," Zimmerman said.

Now police, the Justice Department, FBI and Angela Corey, a new prosecutor appointed by the governor, are all trying to piece together why Martin died and if it was crime.

Corey could make the decision to file charges on her own or turn over evidence to a grand jury scheduled to meet the second week in April.

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