New Dental Center Caters to Low Income Patients

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - 8:15am

Most dentist's will tell you it is best to get your teeth checked out twice a year, but many Valley residents are lucky if they go once, mainly because dental care isn't always affordable. Erin Murray tells us of  a new dental center that caters to low income families.

Do you brush twice a day and floss every night? A question most people smile bashfully at when they reply no, but a new dental center is working hard to change and re-educate the public on good oral habits. That's why for their grand opening they provided everyone with a free screening.

The screenings were free because statistics show that one reason many folks avoid the dentist chair is the cost. Even in the Valley many dentist offices turn away a large amount of low income patients, but the dental clinic is accepting patients who are on Medicaid, CHIP and even the uninsured.

Dr. Hirji says positive dental care should start at a young age, but many kids are nervous about going to the dentist. That is why he is working hard to make sure not just parents, but children fell comfortable when they sit in the dentist chair.

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