New College Focuses on Not Letting Freshmen Fall Through the Cracks

Monday, January 24, 2011 - 8:21am

Getting the completion rate up is a top priority. In order to do this a new college has been established at UTB-TSC. This is the very first semester for the University College. Its purpose is to guide freshman through the often heavy workload higher education requires, in order to receive a bachelors degree.

"We're having a first year seminar course and in that, students when they come in, the very first semester, they'll be learning some of these strategies, having student mentors and advisors working with them one on one in small groups to help them." said Dr.Terry Overton, the Dean of University College.

Officials say each fall, about 24-hundred freshmen enroll at the UTB-TSC campus.

"We do lose a lot in the second year, and we lose a lot after the second year." said Dr. Overton.

To be more specific, only about 12-hundred of the roughly 24-hundred students advance to their sophomore year, these statistics provided by a self study at UTB-TSC.

Some students drop out for good, others stop out; they take a break with plans of coming back to finish.
A number of factors contribute to a student dropping or stopping out; the heavy workload as previously mentioned, financial reasons or family issues seem to be at the top of the list Overton says.

University officials add that closer relationships with educators, also improves student success.

"Another factor is the opportunity for students to do more with faculty and administration in terms of being mentored and connecting with either service projects or research projects where they can see their professor or administrator outside the usual environment." said Dr. Overton.

Each incoming freshmen will go through this college until they declare a major and are ready to take on the higher education experience all on their own.

For more information you can email the college at or call them at 956-882-6791.

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