New buses for BISD

Friday, December 6, 2013 - 11:06am

Shortly after the start of the new year a total of 72 new buses will be in operation.
Today BISD showcased a few of the new additions, the large district is responsible for getting thousands of students to and from school.
"We transport about 27-thousand students daily."
The new buses not only seat more students, they're also designed to provide the driver with a better panoramic view of the bus. One of the design features includes a slanted hood.
"It will increase visibility with the windshield they have in the front and the doors have an additional viewing area so that increases visibility and improves for the driver as well as for the students and passerby."
In addition to safety savings, "The district says these buses are now more fuel efficient. The old buses got about two to three miles per gallon, the new buses get about eight to nine. They say that will save the district money."
The new school transportation comes at a good time after two bus fires back in October.
"Right now they're still investigating, we haven't received that report yet, but we are excited that today we did receive these buses, they had been ordered prior to the incidents."
A spokes peron for the district says many of the current buses in the fleet are on their last leg. The district has implemented an automatic bus replacement schedule and within the next few years, the entire bus fleet will be upgraded.

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