New Airline Rules

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - 8:30am

New rules for airlines that protect passengers' rights.

If you've ever waited for a bag that didn't show…you're not alone.

"It makes me furious. Very furious," said one airline customer.

Anger that is often made worse by the fact you probably paid to check that bag.

"I don't think they should charge in the first place. But yes, they should refund it," said that same customer.

That is exactly what new government rules say.

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood said, "If you pay for a bag, $25, $30 dollars and the airline loses your bag, you get your money back."

Airlines will also have to tell you all the fees ahead of time…charges for taxes, food, bags, even blankets, before you book.

If you're bumped from a flight, you'll see more compensation.

“You'll be reimbursed for what the ticket cost you as well as for an additional amount of money,” said LaHood.

That's double the price of your ticket up to 650 bucks for short delays…four times your cost up to 1300 dollars for longer waits.

All that waiting on the tarmac…the rules will put the brakes on that.

Passengers can only sit on the airfield for three hours on domestic flights, while international passengers will be let off after a four-hour delay.

Traveler Gail Rigler said, "Normally we're not happy when the government steps in on something. But in this case, yeah, I'd be happy if the government stepped in."

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