Neighborhood Dries Out, Officials Not Ready to Remove Pumps as More Rain is Expected to Fall


POSTED: Thursday, June 23, 2011 - 1:25pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 24, 2011 - 7:13am

Some residents in the Mariposa Ranch subdivision are continuing to dry out after several feet of water flooded their streets Thursday afternoon.

"It gets flooded pretty quick if it rains for an hour straight, it gets flooded like that, gets flooded pretty bad, pretty fast," said Mariposa Ranch resident, Jacob Garcia.

The heavy rain came down in this part of the lower valley mid afternoon on Wednesday.

Cameron county officials responded to the call for help bringing several pumps and sandbags, which were still posted up against several residents’ homes on Thursday.

The tractors which were helping to pump water from the streets into a canal that sits on the back side of Mariposa Ranch subdivision are also still in place as more rain is expected through Saturday.

While in the neighborhood we found a turtle who appeared to be a little bit displaced from his natural habitat, in the middle of the street, covered in grass and mud.

Luckily, no residents had to leave their homes. Many faced very little, if any, water damage inside their homes, however, outside of their homes, a different story for at least a few residents.

"Everything started to come up over here so my car was parked here so I moved it like way up there, in the middle over here and then I come out two hours later and the seats are filled up with water," said Jacob Garcia, whose car flooded.

About two feet of water crept into Garcia's car; he moved it once again to a little higher ground and then got the water out or his car and worked on fixing his flooded floorboards.

"I got a couple knives and cut out my back carpets," said Garcia.

On a brighter note, Garcia's glad his car still runs considering how high the water one stood.

One of the residents said only about a third of the homes there are affected by flooding because they sit lower than the rest of the homes in the neighborhood. There's also concern with the drainage system or lack thereof, and some of the storm ditches that actually bring in rain from other areas into the low lying parts of the neighborhood.

As for now, the pumps will stay in place in case more heavy rain falls. Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos said they are aware of the flooding problem in that area, they'll be on stand-by if they need to activate the pumps again over the next few days.


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