Nearly Dead In Wake of Storms

Friday, April 29, 2011 - 10:01am

President Obama to survey damage today

The death toll continues to climb following wednesday's outburst of tornados that ravaged the South.

With tornado survivors searching for what's left among all that they lost, even experts can't believe how big this system was and how wide the path of destruction it created.

"I don't ever remember seeing is many shots of these extremely powerful tornados with winds maybe in the 200 mile per hour range coming out of the South as we have seen this year," said Weather Channel Meteorologist Brian Norcross.

Some of the 173 tornados that tore across six southern states were indeed powerful.

The death toll is approaching 300, with nearly 200 recorded in Alabama.

The twister that hit Tuscaloosa was far worse than first thought.

At least 36 died there including, three students from the University of Alabama.

Three people died in the Birmingham suburb of Pleasant Grove, but given the destruction many are surprised it wasn't more.

There was heavy damage and deaths in mississippi and georgia, too, and incredible tales of survival, like Cheryl Brewer who weathered the storm in her car - overturned in the thrashing winds with her and her husband sitting inside.

"It flipped us around a few time and rolled us and we knocked over a light post. We started out down there, about a hundred feet down the parking lot, and ended up right here. It was scary," she said.

Authorities are still conducting search and rescues, hoping to find other lucky survivors while Alabama also prepares for a presidential visit.

President Obama plans a stop to survey the damage on his way to Cape Canaveral for the launch of the shuttle Endeavour later today.

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