"Naughty" leopard costume controversy

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 3:03pm

Parents upset after "Naughty Leopard" Halloween costume for toddlers spotted for a Portland Walmart.

A Halloween costume for toddlers spotted at Walmart has some parents stunned.

They say the "naughty leopard" costume for little girls is inappropriate.

As early as children learn the ABCs, they often learn to love Halloween.

There's candy and all those characters to choose from.

"That's me when I was dressing up like a princess," says Claire, a toddler.

At three years old, Claire didn't think twice about the name of this costume we showed her.

"I want to wear that for Halloween," Claire says.

"Even though it's called a naughty leopard?"



"I want to wear it."

And when she tried it on she loved it.

"I like the sparkles," says Claire.

"The sparkles? That's your favorite part?"


Mom, though, not so much.

"It's like the Cabaret-ish sparkles here with the black. I don't know. It's a little excessive," says mother, Katie Dankowski.

"Kind of uncomfortable seeing her in it?"

"I would not buy it for her."

I bought the costume at a Portland Walmart in the aisle over from these flirty tops for adults.

The other child costumes include Sweetie Cat and Playful Cat.

"Some people might say, 'Well, naughty just means you're misbehaving.'"

"Yeah, that's not the impression the name gives for a costume."

"The outfit itself is cute but Naughty Leopard doesn't sound like something that a kid should be wearing."

The costume is also available on Walmart.com.

But you won't find the word naughty.

Instead, the picture is matched with the title "leopard child halloween costume."

I also checked out Target and only found costumes like Flower Child and Purple Popstar.

At Fred Meyer, I saw this costume with a pouty toddler pictured called Devilish Punk.

Another costume these little girls won't be wearing anytime soon.

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