NATO Summit Continues Amid Protests

Monday, May 21, 2012 - 2:39pm

Leaders discuss withdrawal from Afghanistan as anti-war protesters march nearby.

The NATO summit continued in chicago monday as allies unveiled a new plan for Afghanistan, and once again protesters returned to the city's streets.

Summit leaders think the framework for peace they adopted two years ago is working, and that Afghans are on track to provide their own security, with continuing help.

The 50 Afghanistan partners will still provide security training and a $4-billion a year subsidy for Afghan security after troops are gone.

Protesters, meanwhile, targeted aircraft maker Boeing, a vital cog, they say, in the war machine.

Boeing headquarters was shut down for the day.

Workers were told to stay home for safety's sake.

Many other downtown Chicago business took the same precaution.

Normally full parking lots were all but deserted and traffic was light.

Demonstrators claimed the boeing shutdown as a victory, celebrating with confetti and paper airplanes.

Not all NATO protest has been so light-hearted.

On Sunday police made 45 arrests, mostly stemming from a clash between anarchists and police officers a couple of blocks from the summit site.

Protest leaders complained of repressive tactics, but the police chief says his officers showed remarkable restraint.

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