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Lack of snow forces Iditarod shift

(KTUU) It's the magic of mushing that has kept veteran Iditarod racers like Jim Lanier out on the trails for decades.

Wolverines in Washington?

(KING) When a Washington state forest service biologist found some interesting tracks in the snow near Snoqualmie pass recently, he knew he was on the trail of something exciting.

Cliff crash miracle

(KSBY) A California woman is recovering after spending three nights stranded hundreds of feet down a cliff.

Out with the trash!

A garbage truck driver in Hillsborough County, Florida found out two people had been sleeping in a dumpster after mistakenly dumping them into his truck. Rod Carter reports.

76 years in love

(WMTV) A Wisconsin couple is celebrating 76 years of marriage. It was 1936 when it all began and both Donald and Veronica Harrop say it wasn't love at first sight, but they did have one thing in common.

"Beer-spitting" bill considered

Tennessee proposal would allow students under the legal drinking age of 21 to enroll in college brewing classes, but require them to spit out beer during tastings. Forrest Sanders reports.

Pastor slaying suspect speaks

Isaac Tiharihondi, accused of beating his father, mother and brother to death in their Houston, Texas apartment, speaks from jail. Jace Larson reports.

Vet's dog stolen

(KPRC) A Marine Corps veteran has been reunited with one of his two beloved dogs after they were apparently stolen by his landlord.

Tacoma approves "Warhol" dome

(KING) Tacoma, Washington's city council has approved a proposal to cover the 32-year-old Tacoma Dome with a massive, bright flower, a design originally brought forth by artist Andy Warhol before the arena was even built.

Worst day ever?

(WCNC) We often think it won't happen to us, that devastation will strike somewhere else.

Better living through beer

(KUSA) The city of Boulder, Colorado is in talks with a local brewer to help solve a wastewater problem.

KKK fliers leave neighbors on edge

(KALB) Neighbors in Pineville, Louisiana say they're on edge after fliers advertising the Ku Klux Klan appeared in dozens of front yards over the weekend.

Bro-tox: Botox injections for men?

(KPRC) Botox has been a go-to treatment for many women who want to look younger and fresher, and now it seems their husbands and boyfriends are following them to the doctor's office in droves to get some "Brotox" for themselves.

Family fights for blind goat

Nebraska family hopes to keep blind baby goat rejected by its mother, but they'll need city hall's approval first. Katie Moriarty reports. (KTIV) A northeast Nebraska family is fighting to keep one of its pets.

Standoff ends in gunfire

Two Oklahoma law enforcement officers and a distraught dog groomer holding them at bay with a rifle were injured Monday in an exchange of gunfire. Sarah Stewart reports.