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Precious photos recovered

(WCNC) A North Carolina family will soon be reunited with the photographs of their infant son's first and last moments.

Daddy-proof diaper bags

(KING) Inside Tactical Tailor's 90,000-square foot facility in Lakewood, Washington workers design and build top-grade gear to protect the protectors.

Ice caves return

(WPBN) Ice caves have returned to the shores of Lake Michigan's Leelanau County.

Seattle stages Pasco rally

(KING) Protesters gathered in downtown Seattle Wednesday to call attention to the death of Antonio Zambrano-Montes, the Hispanic migrant worker who was shot by Pasco, Washington police a week ago after allegedly throwing rocks into traffic and

Breastfeeding in the bathroom?

(WNYT) Tiffany Eichstadt says in all the time she's breastfed daughter Olivia and her baby sister Anastasia, she's never had a problem. That changed a couple days ago.

Rattlesnake bite claims Marine's leg

(KFOR) An Oklahoma Marine is recovering from a ghastly wound. Doctors had to amputate his lower leg after he was bitten by a rattlesnake near Ft. Sill in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

Parking lot pee

Three young Iowa boys will share a $2,500 cleaning bill after they were caught urinating in a city parking deck. Brad Hanson reports.

Ax robber cries for mommy

(KFOR) An ax-wielding Oklahoma City teen is behind bars following an unusual attempted robbery. The young suspect was left begging for his mommy when a determined store clerk fought him off with a can of mace.

Five buried in ice rink avalanche

(NECN) An avalanche from an ice rink's roof buried five people in snow Wednesday evening in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and sent two of them to the hospital.

Cookies on ice

(KARE) Some might see a quiet lake on a cold winter's night when they gaze upon Minnesota's Chisago Lake.

Blowgun bandits busted

(KPRC) Two teenagers are facing charges after one allegedly shot shoppers with a blowgun at a Tomball, Texas Walmart. Two shoppers were hit with metal darts on the morning of January 16th.

Hawk in the house!

(KSHB) A hawk caught breaking and entering a Kansas City bedroom now has a new home. "I heard an extremely large crash coming from my bedroom," Drew Arnold says.

Preventing homegrown terror

(NBC News) The White House summit on violent extremists continues in Washington today. It comes on the heels of the release of another gruesome ISIS video, this one showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians.

Heartwarming hairstylist

Single father Greg Wickherst wins internet fame after conquering a charming task: styling his young daughter's hair. Andy Koen reports.

Taking on extremists

(NBC News) As President Obama convened a summit on extremist violence at the White House Wednesday, new clues are emerging from ISIS video of Christians beheaded in Libya.