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California drought dries out wallets

The state of California has implemented new measures to discourage residents from wasting water in the midst of a serious national drought. Jay Gray reports.

Debate over a proposed optional municipal I.D. card system is brewing in Seattle

(KING)Seattle City Council Member Bruce Harrell is looking at an optional municipal I.D. card system. This comes as Seattle was introduced to Seattle's new director of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, Cuc Vu.

Hundreds of people are sick after swimming in a lake in Washington

(KING) Hundreds of people are dealing with severe stomach discomfort after swimming in a popular park.

Sacramento area home-owners are are now subject to large fines for wasting water

(KCRA) Sacramento area homeowners are split on their feelings regarding new fines for water wasters.

Lethal injection problems

Now that certain drugs that had been used in executions are no longer available, Virginia is looking at its lethal injection protocol. Aaron Martin reports.

Rescued hiker shares story

A rescued hiker talks about his ordeal and how he survived six days in the mountains with a broken leg and no food. Lemor Abrams reports.  

Four legged duckling

A southern Louisiana family has more than 100 animals, including chickens, roosters and ducks. One in particular, a four-legged duckling, has been the talk of the town. Erika Ferrando reports.

A nine year old and his four year old partner in crime strike again

A nine year old and his four year old partner in crime/cousin strike again. The duo are busted for a second time stealing a car and taking it for a joyride. Katie Crowther reports.

3D mammograms helping to save lives

New 3D mammography gives a better image than a traditional mammogram and especially helps detect cancers in women with dense breast tissue. Maureen McFadden reports.

Fashion show shooting

(KSNV) Police are looking for a gunman after one person was shot in the shoulder at a Fashion Show Mall Tuesday evening. The shots were fired at a Fashion Show Mall at 6 p.m. and forced stores in the mall to close early.

99 year-old Sioux Falls woman becomes a hospital volunteer

A Sioux Falls woman just turned 99 years old, but she is not letting her age stop her from volunteering at Sanford Hospital. Caiti Blase reports.

Child immigrant protests

As some immigrant children face protests as they arrive at a processing facility in Oracle, Arizona, while Washington D.C. stays in a stalemate on the issue. Steve Handelsman reports.

5 year-old shoots gun

(KOB) During an arrest on Monday a 5-year-old fired one round of a gun he found behind a bench in his father's front yard.

Malaysia Airlines flight crashes in Ukraine

The Facebook page of Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian interior ministry, claims that a Malaysia-bound civilian aircraft was "shot down" over Ukraine by "terrorists" operating a Buk surface-to-air missile system.

Robbery hostage killed

A bank robbery goes horribly wrong after three gunman take hostages and police on a chase with bullets flying, leaving one hostage and two suspects dead. Richard Sharp reports.