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Terror on the soccer field

Coaches and parents shield young players with their bodies when shots ring out near a Ferguson, Missouri soccer game. Jennifer Meckles reports.

Camel races thrill crowds

(KRNV) Virginia City, Nevada was home to the 55th International Camel and Ostrich Races over the weekend. Amateur jockeys rode galloping camels, squirrely ostriches and bolting zebras to the delight of the crowds.

Missing mom held prisoner

(WFIE) Two people have been arrested on charges they held a woman captive in their Indiana home for nearly two months.

Flash floods slam Arizona, Nevada; 1 killed

(CNN) -- Record-setting rains slammed the southwestern United States on Monday, turning roadways into rivers as flash floods washed away cars.

Congress returns

(NBC News) Congress returns to work Monday. They've got just a few weeks to deal with immigration, the budget and how to go after ISIS militants in Syria.

Cooking on campus

(NBC News) The favorites for dorm cuisine have not changed much over the years, but college students looking to make a quantum culinary leap have new options.

Walmart tackles healthcare

(CNBC) Walmart has played it safe when it comes to retail clinics, partnering with regional hospitals to offer services like flu shots.

Cannabis oil: Unexpected lifesaver?

(KGW) Two Oregon parents, once opposed to marijuana use, now credit the oil from the plant for keeping their 4-year-old daughter alive.

"Shame suit" angers parents

Florida mother outraged that her daughter was forced to wear school "shame suit" for alleged dress code violation. Michelle Quesada reports.

Lawmakers urge Obama to work with Congress on immigration issue

Top lawmakers are urging President Obama to ditch his plans for an executive action on immigration altogether and work with Congress.

Twitter launches 'Buy Now' button for tweets

Move over Amazon, another cyber giant wants to become a retailer. Find out all about Twitter's new 'buy' button.

Dancing despite cancer

"Bald Ballerina" Maggie Kudirka inspires fellow cancer patients by continuing to dance while undergoing chemotherapy. She'll be featured tonight on the "Stand Up To Cancer" telethon on NBC. Deborah Weiner reports.

Have you seen this tortoise?

(KOB) Why would anyone steal a tortoise? That's what Mona's owner is trying to figure out.

Body found, questions remain

Slaying of 8-year-old Arizona girl shocks community; Grandmother says the girl's mother may have been involved. William Pitts reports.

Retirement: Start saving now!

Recent studies have found many Americans aren't saving for retirement, but financial advisors say it's never too late. Chris Clackum reports.