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Owl attack? Or Seahawk?

(KGW) Everyday Dr. Ron Jaecks gets up around five in the morning for a run around the pasture park by his Salem, Oregon home. Thursday morning was no different, until, he says he came under attack.

Man vs. Bull

(KGW) A Cornelius, Oregon man suffered bruised ribs after a bull ran him down and knocked him to the ground. "Right now it's honestly a struggle to keep upright," said Morgan White.

Six missing after mansion fire

(WBAL) Six people are still unaccounted for after a four-alarm fire gutted an Annapolis, Maryland mansion early Monday morning. Arriving crews found the $6 million home fully involved.

Listening with your tongue?

Colorado State University researchers are developing a device that would help the hearing impaired using impulses relayed through their tongues. Nick McGill reports.

Measles on the move

(NBC News) More than 50 people have been diagnosed with the measles in an outbreak that began in December at California's Disneyland.

Cashing in his pennies

(KCBD) After 65 years of saving, an 81-year-old Slaton, Texas man has deposited $816 worth of pennies. Ira Keys hasn't spent a penny since he was 17 years old, because of advice his father gave him.

Passwords you shouldn't be using in 2015

Almost all your important information in life these days is proctected by a password, sometimes a simple one to crack. SplashData has announced their annual list of 25 most common passwords found on the internet.

"Can we go back in?"

(KING) The final moments of the Seahawks-Packers game were a roller coaster ride, but some fans missed it because they left the game early.

Fish in a barrel: Aquariums targeted

Vandals burglarize a Texas store before shooting holes in several aquariums, leaving the fish inside to die. Ashlyn Tubbs reports.

Florida trains "Python Patrol"

(WPTV) The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is teaching people how to safely capture one of the largest snakes in the world, the Burmese Python.

Murder-suicide shocks community

(KARE) A child is among the three bodies found inside an Apple Valley, Minnesota house in an apparent murder-suicide, according to police.

Too much pot!

(KXAN) 2014 was a roller coaster year for Washington's marijuana industry. When stores opened last summer, product supply was tight, but now, there is too much marijuana.

State Of The Union preview

President Obama wants to make sure that everyone feels the economic comeback, but parts of his plan are going to run into trouble in the Republican-controlled Congress. Tracie Potts reports.