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State Of The Union preview

President Obama wants to make sure that everyone feels the economic comeback, but parts of his plan are going to run into trouble in the Republican-controlled Congress. Tracie Potts reports.

Saying "Thank You" to police

(KXAN) A lot of tough, brawny Austin police officers were brought to tears Saturday by a sweet, 10-year-old girl from Tyler, Texas.

Illinois passes law approving schools can demand student's Facebook/Twitter password

In Illinois, a new law aimed at curbing cyber bullying, gives schools access to kids' social media account passwords, but some are saying the law goes to far.

Teacher returns to work after initially being fired for dragging student

Surveillance video shows a teacher in Kentucky dragging a 6 year-old boy down a school hallway. The teacher was fired, but she's back at work after a successful appeal.

Toddler mauled to death

(WFLA) Little Declin Moss loved to play outdoors. At just 18-months-old, he frolicked around the yard and enjoyed being outside in his rural Brooksville, Florida neighborhood.

State of the Union: What to expect

(NBC News) President Obama delivers his State of The Union address this week and it's already drawing criticism from Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Marching in Selma

The stars and crew of "Selma" join a commemorative march to Selma, Alabama's historic Edmund Pettus Bridge ahead of MLK Day. Allen Henry reports.

Pastor protests hoodie ban

(KFOR) An Oklahoma lawmaker's proposal that could make it illegal to wear a hood in public is generating protests.

Shots fired near Biden home

The Secret Service is working to figure out who drove by Vice President Biden's home and fired gunshots Saturday night. Tracie Potts reports.

Helping the medicine go down

Maryland company's system helps parents and pharmacists find flavors that making taking medicine easier for kids. Megan Pringle reports.

2014: The hottest year on record

(NBC News) The average worldwide surface temperature grew by more than 1.2 degrees in 2014, making it the hottest year on record.

Family mourns quadruplet mother

(WMC) Friends and family of Erica Morales gathered in Memphis, Tennessee Sunday to mourn the loss of the young mother.

Gas prices continue to fall

Gas prices continue their downward spiral. According to the latest numbers from AAA, gas prices fell another seven cents per gallon last week. That brings the national average for unleaded gas to $2.07 per gallon.

"Tree gloves" protect citrus orchards

(KSEE) Three California brothers have figured out an innovative way to protect young citrus trees from cold weather. They invented "Tree-Gloves," protective bags capable of creating micro climates.

Injured Eagles on the mend

(WTLV) A Jacksonville, Florida bird rescue group rescued three injured bald eagles within the space of 28 hours.