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Homeland security shutdown

A partial shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security is looking likely based on a lack of progress in immigration talks. Steve Handelsman reports.

Winter weather

Winter storm alerts stretched 2,000 miles from California to North Carolina early Monday, as a mix of snow, freezing rain and sleet canceled more than 1,000 flights and closed hundreds of schools. Jay Gray reports.

Farmer water worries

Farmers in California gather to celebrate the almond festival but have serious worries about the effect the drought will have on their farms. Mike Luery Reports.

Robot student

A student in Mercer County, Pennsylvania is using a robot to attend high school while he recovers from injuries suffered in a car accident. Derek Steyer reports. The hallways of high school..can be tough to navigate.

Bionic eye

(KARE) A blind Forest Lake man's sight is restored after he became the first person in Minnesota, and 15th person in the country, to receive a bionic eye.


A metro Detroit fourth-grader has invented an all-natural-sugar-free lollipop that is both a treat and beneficial for teeth. Sandra Ali reports.

Slickest street

People who live on one particular street in Nashville are trapped. Ice is holding them captive. The street gets no sun and the thick sheet of ice shows no sign of melting. Patrick McMurtry reports.

New threats

A weekend threat against one of the nation's largest malls is highlighting the need for Homeland Security, but funding for the agency may run out this week if Congress doesn't act.

Smokin' hot guitars

(KPLC) Robert Newman just got back from the cigar shop, but he doesn't smoke. He's adding to the stash of discarded wood cigar boxes that he uses to build guitars.

A teacher's greatest gift

(WOAI) Last December 6-year-old Matt Parker asked Santa to help find someone who could give him a new kidney. Now his wish has come true.

Gun-toting girl thwarts burglars

(WEYI) 11-year old Reese typically doesn't have too much going on when she gets home from school. "Just sitting here watching TV," she says from the living room of her rural North Branch Township, Michigan home.

Dogs plucked from icy marsh

(WHDH) Massachusetts firefighters rescued a man and his two dogs from a frozen marsh in Revere Thursday morning.

Wanted: Queen Elsa

Kentucky police department issues APB for "Queen Elsa", blaming the Disney character for the recent frigid weather. Megan Moore reports.

Ice dragon rises over Minneapolis

(KARE) A new frozen creature rising near Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, Minnesota is turning heads. A giant dragon ice sculpture is the latest part of the 100th birthday celebration of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Killer's panties for sale

Florida based "murderabilia" vendor drawing criticism for offering panties warn by Michigan spree killer Samantha Bachynski for sale. Nicky Zizaza reports.