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Passwords: Beating hackers

Tech guru PC Mike Wendland looks at several secure password programs.

Buying his partner back

Former Virginia police officer told if he wants to give his canine partner a home he'll have to buy her at auction. Lyndsey Price reports.

To protect, serve and bill?

(WTOV) Not too long after police assisted her at a car accident, Steubenville, Ohio resident Jessica Myers got a bill from the city's police department for nearly $300. "I was really scared and shocked," Myers said.

Freshman on the ballot

(KSHB) Austin Harris has a lot on his plate. He's preparing to move into his college dorm in a week. His class load for a major in history and minor in leadership studies at Washburn University is intense

GOP flyer draws fire

Oklahoma "GOP Bean Feed" flyer features bean wearing sombrero, "things you may not know about...the Ku Klux Klan" on the agenda. Paige Hill reports.

Too many cookies?

(WDAM) A cookie surplus is dwindling after the Hattiesburg Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi announced they had too many on hand.

Transporting ebola

Ambulance crew that transported Ebola patients to Emory University Hospital discuss the experience and the precautions taken. Matt Pearl reports.

Shocking survival

Doctors told Florida parents their son had little chance of surviving lightning strike two weeks ago. Now he's talking about the experience. Peter Busch reports.

Healthy vending machines

A family owned vending company offers only healthy foods in their machines, they're a big hit in schools. The company then shares the profits with the school. Cathy Marshall reports.

Caught on cam: Crash & shooting

(KOB) Joseph Cordova only had a few moments to pull out his cell phone when he and a friend drove up on a terrifying scene unfolding Monday night in Bernalillo County, New Mexico.

Hackers make huge haul

(NBC News) A Russian crime ring has stolen 1.2 billion internet user names and passwords.

Pipe bomb forces evacuations

(WJAC) Nearly 20 homes had to be evacuated in Pennsylvania neighborhood Tuesday after investigators found a pipe bomb inside an SUV.

Statues stolen & destroyed

(WESH) A Florida man was arrested Monday after allegedly trying to sell stolen figures from a statue at an autism academy in Orange County.

Slow soaring

(WAVE) When he was little, Matt Lussier wanted to be a bird. He settled for flying with them.

Nutria face death sentence

Department of Agriculture crew has shoot-on-sight orders for invasive rodents taking over Washington state lake. Drew Mikkelsen reports.