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Daycare herpes

(KFOR)An Oklahoma mother claims her one-year-old got a horrible case of herpes from her daycare teacher Consuela Smith says her daughter is in pain day and night.

High court asked to halt Utah recognition of same-sex marriages

Utah officials have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to temporarily block a lower court's order that the state formally recognize hundreds of same-sex marriages performed earlier this year.

'Sherlock Holmes' goes to the Supreme Court for a case of copyright

Step lively Watson, there's a mystery afoot at the Supreme Court -- and the estate of Sherlock Holmes' creator says only the nine justices can ultimately solve the Case of the Contested Copyright.

Infrastructure investment

President Obama works to get an infrastructure bill through Congress before the Highway Trust Fund completely runs dry. Brian Mooar reports.

Grocery stores changing trends

What we eat and when we eat are shifting. Now grocers are working to offer the right products at the right price. CNBC's Courtney Reagan reports.

Mayo Clinic researching ALS stem cell treatment

The Mayo Clinic is testing the safety and effectiveness of taking stem cells from a patient's own fat and injecting them into their spinal fluid to slow the progressiveness of ALS.

Mystery odor prompts evacuations

Authorities say an odor that prompted a voluntary evacuation of about 100 homes in suburban Philadelphia is due to an organic compound coming from the sump pumps in the basements. Chris Clackum reports.

Handcuffed and naked suspect jumps into river

A suspect, who was naked and handcuffed, jumped into a river Wednesday to escape police in Kansas City, Missouri. His head was barely above the water when an officer reached him and pulled him to safety.

Are websites like dating or pimp sites?

As the State of California is preparing to formally charge an alleged high priced prostitute linked to two fatal heroin overdoses, a website she reportedly used is coming under scrutiny, Kyung Lah reports.

Senator Reid's opposition to Cornyn-Cuellar bill

Sen. Reid explains why he is opposed to new legislation proposed to solve the border crisis. Question: "What is it about the Cornyn-Cuellar plan that you disagree with?"

Save your brain

New research finds it is possible to keep the brain healthy through a variety of interventions, including nutrition counseling, exercise, cognitive training, social activities and heart healthy behaviors.

Mom charged after newborn's positive drug test

Tennessee mother is first in state to be charged under new law that allows prosecutors to pursue legal action against women who use drugs while pregnant. Evan Johnson reports.

Woman forced to tread water for 4 hours

(KSNV) A Henderson, Nevada woman who became separated from her family and jet ski when a sudden storm whipped up 8-foot-tall swells on Lake Mead treaded water for more than three hours before she was rescued Tuesday, National Parks Service offi

White House and Issa battle over Obama political director

Few Americans know the name David Simas. But the White House political adviser has become the latest flashpoint in the continuing battles between the White House and House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa.

'Failure is not an option': But Israel, Hamas can't agree on cease-fire

An Egypt-backed cease-fire between Israel and Hamas fell apart Tuesday as rocket attacks from Gaza were again answered by Israeli airstrikes.