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Brothers killed in chemical leak

Two of the four people killed in a chemical leak Saturday were brothers who rushed back in to help a coworker. Anoushah Rasta reports.

Abnormal sleep patterns linked to weight gain

People who work the night shift not only have abnormal sleep patterns, but may also be more prone to weight gain.

Student had to take sex questionnaire to take class

Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton requires students answer very personal questions before they can attend classes, Brian Entin spoke with one student who wants the policy changed.

Seattle City Council wants to fund internet in homeless camps

The City of Seattle wants to get people who are on the streets onto the Internet, by providing free wireless access, but taxpayers would have to pick up the tab. Lindsay Cohen has more on the proposal, which is getting mixed reaction.

Footgolf takes off

(WMBF) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is known as the "Golf Capital of the World" but now a new type of golf is making its way to the Grand Strand. It is called footgolf and players do not need golf clubs to play.

Dashboard distraction?

(NBC News) New technology is putting the internet on your dashboard, adding social media and entertainment to your daily commute...and possibly another distraction for your eyes.

Pot on the auction block

(KNDU) The nation's first legal marijuana auction took place in Prosser, Washington over the weekend.

Drought woes worsen

(KNVN) The lack of heavy rain is continuing to take a toll on lake levels across California, and some sections of Lake Oroville are nearly dry.

One final salute

World War II veteran Justus "Jay" Belfield was laid to rest over the weekend, just days after a photo of him in uniform saluting from his deathbed went viral. Mark Mulholland reports.

ISIS claims another victim

In a statement, President Obama calls the beheading of aid worker Peter Kassig an "act of pure evil." He changed his name to Abdul-Rahman after converting to Islam.

Children becoming ill from energy drinks

A growing number of young children are becoming ill after drinking highly caffeinated energy drinks.

Holiday travel: Pets on the road

(NBC News) More than 24 million Americans are expected to travel by plane over Thanksgiving, and some will have company of the four-legged variety.

Apps get artsy

Tech guru PC Mike Wendland takes a look at graphic design apps.

Teacher saves student's life

(WFLA) A routine lesson turned into a life-saving event for one teacher-student relationship in Pinellas Park, Florida.

Surgery app comforts parents

(NBC News) Doctors and nurses will tell you they always see a look of fear in parents' eyes as their children are whisked away into operating rooms.