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High-tech helmets

New football helmet sensors let coaches and players track blows to the head, helping protect from concussions. Heidi Wigdahl reports. (WBIR) A Tennessee football team is using technology to help protect its players.

Hero foils kidnapping

(KSHB) A 4-year-old boy was nearly abducted in Grandview, Missouri on Monday, but a quick-acting neighbor helped prevent a tragedy.

Caught on cam: Teacher's pet?

(KPRC) Teachers preparing for the first day of school got a surprise Wednesday morning when an alligator was found on campus at a Katy, Texas junior high school. The gator was found outside a door at Beck Junior High.

Copper theft worsened flooding?

Michigan Department of Transportation says copper thieves targeting pumping stations may have made flooding on Detroit-area highways worse. Hank Winchester reports.

A mother's sorrow

The mother of murder victim Odin Lloyd, allegedly killed by former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez, speaks publicly for the first time. Nancy Chen reports.

Drought triggers cartel migration

(KSEE) California's drought is forcing marijuana growers out of the mountains and into valley neighborhoods below.

Schools prepare for mourning

Schools in Bremerton, Washington are preparing to help students shocked by the murder of 6-year-old Jenise Wright and arrest of 17-year old Gabe Gaeta. Janet Kim reports.

See the UFO? No? Try squinting. Squint harder

(CNN) -- Down on Earth, we all know: Do anything stupid these days, and video of it will turn up on the Internet to embarrass you. Now, space aliens may be about learn that lesson, too.

Police: Officer Darren Wilson had faced no disciplinary action prior to shooting

(CNN) -- Darren Wilson was just one of 53 officers in a small-town police department until his encounter with an 18-year-old August 9 on a street in Ferguson, Missouri.

Do you know this family?

(WAVE) Joe Lynch didn't need a top-of-the-line video camera. For five bucks, he couldn't resist picking up a turn-of-the-millennium RCA model at a Goodwill in Clarksville, Indiana.

Mom smiles through murder hearing

Jessica Smith is accused of murdering her toddler and cutting the throat of her teenage daughter to keep their father from gaining custody. Mark Hanrahan reports.

Ferguson witness speaks

Dorian Johnson describes the fateful night he watched a Ferguson, Missouri police officer fatally shoot his friend Michael Brown.

Two dead in Georgia shooting spree

Gunman takes his own life after shooting four people and leading police on a high speed chase in Cartersville, Georgia. Kevin Rowson reports.

Fighting cancer with sharks?

(WFLA) Sometimes sharks get a bad rap. Most humans want to stay far away from them. But researchers at Mote Marine Laboratory say sharks could potentially save millions of lives.

Depression: Seeking help

(NBC News) At the Crisis Link hotline center in northern Virginia calls and texts have increased in the wake of Robin Williams' suicide on Monday.