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Children slashed: Chilling 911 calls

Mother accused of slashing throats of her three young daughters told 911 dispatcher she did it to keep them quiet. Drew Mikkelsen reports.

Creepy peeper: Baby monitor hacked

(KPRC) A Houston, Texas nanny says a man hacked into the baby monitor of the child she was caring for and talked about what she was doing inside the house Monday.

Passenger saves tour bus

(WTMJ) A terrifying situation developed over the weekend after a charter bus driver collapsed on I-94 in Kenosha County, Wisconsin.

Oklahoma asks for execution stays

Attorney general asks U.S. Supreme Court to put pending lethal injections on hold while new execution drugs are reviewed. Abby Broyles reports. (KFOR) Oklahoma's future executions are in limbo.

More Americans are getting jobs

In other news, fewer Americans filed for unemployment last week. Jobless claims fell to 265,000 - that's the lowest it's been in nearly 15 years. But some economists aren't celebrating the news.

Machete attack caught on camera

A man, armed with a machete, kicks down a door and it is caught on camera. On tape, the man admits he had one motive, murder, Brianna Keiler reports.

"12th Pack" ignites Super Bowl buzz

Seattle marijuana producer Solstice rolls 12,000 joints for commemorative "12th Pack" promotion ahead of the Super Bowl. Alison Morrow reports.

Aaron Hernandez trial begins today

Jurors in the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez hear attorneys' opening statements on whether the one-time NFL star killed a semipro football player.

What stinks in rocklin?

(KCRA) Residents of Rocklin, California are searching for the source of a mysterious, terrible odor wafting through the town.

Turning sewer water into beer?

(KGW) Oregon is known for specialty beers, but what about a beer made with sewer water? It's what some local home-brewers will be doing this summer.

Caught on cam: Town hall shooting

(KARE) Two police officers were hit by gunfire and a suspect was shot and killed at New Hope, Minnesota's City Hall Monday night.

Family finds massive pot stash

(KOB) A family in Alamogordo, New Mexico made a shocking discovery over the weekend when they went to repair a door in their van. Inside the door panel they found 13.5 pounds of marijuana.

Changing lives through cheer

(KING) Mackenzie Croy, 18, has watched from the sidelines nearly her entire life. This year she is a senior, so it was her last chance to be a high school cheerleader.

Craigslist couple: The tragic ending

(WXIA) The search for an elderly Georgia couple ended tragically Monday in Telfair County, Georgia.

Dogs plus snow equals fun and cute

Fun package shows dogs playing in the snow in New York City.