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Caught on cam: Parking lot mayhem

(WTMJ) An elderly Wisconsin man won't be charged after smashing into nearly a dozen vehicles in a grocery store parking lot.

Skijoring hits Colorado

(KOB) Think of it as ski racing with the help of a horse - skijoring is a marriage of water-skiing and a horse race, but it takes place on the snow.

Arrest made in Islamic Center fire

(KPRC) An arrest has been made in connection with Friday's fire at Houston's Quba Islamic Center. Darryl Ferguson is charged with arson.

Video captures man, claiming police brutality, punching himself in face

A man who claimed detectives beat him up was caught telling a tall tale. Aleksander Tomaszewski said detectives in Lane County, Oregon, gave him two black eyes last month while being questioned.

Judge halts immigration orders

Temporary injunction issued against President Obama's unilateral immigration orders that would allow millions of undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States. Steve Handelsman reports.

"50 Shades" sparks melee

(WESH) About 100 teenagers rushed a theater at Ocoee, Florida's West Oaks Mall Saturday after they were denied tickets to see "Fifty Shades of Grey".

Scorpion in the sky?

(KGW) A Portland-bound Alaska Airlines flight out of Los Angeles was delayed Saturday night after a passenger was stung on the hand by a scorpion and crew members had to search the plane for other unwanted arachnids.

Mardi Gras: Let the good times roll!

(WDSU) Mardi Gras revelers are awaking to cold temperatures and light rain in New Orleans.

"50 Shades" drive-in surprise

Visitors to a go-kart track and other businesses near a Sacramento, California drive-in were shocked to see "50 Shades of Grey" visible on the outdoor screen. Kathy Park reports.

Train explosion sparks fire

Federal and Hazmat officials are trying to figure out what caused a fiery train explosion in West Virginia. Tracie Potts reports.

Healthy heart exercise

Everyone knows exercise is important in helping to prevent heart disease -- but a new study suggests women may not have to overdo it make an impact on their health. Erika Edwards reports.

Student borrowing reaches all-time high

A new report finds that while American households are generally doing better at making payments on their mortgages and credit cards, they're not doing so well with student loans.

Statement by the Press Secretary on State of Texas vs. United States of America

The Supreme Court and Congress have made clear that the federal government can set priorities in enforcing our immigration laws, which is exactly what the President did when he announced commonsense policies to help fix our broken immigration s

Weaving web of the future

A team of researchers at Utah State University say spider silk may be the material of the future... and they're using goats to help mass-produce it. Mike Anderson reports.

Wintry weather continues

(NBC News) More than 40 million Americans were bracing for a winter storm that was set to strengthen Monday, bringing ice that was expected to cause travel chaos and threatened to bring down power lines.