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Game tech helps stroke victims

(WTLV) Physical therapists are using 3-D gaming technology to help stroke victims walk again. Chris McTarnathan suffered a stroke on March 1, 2013.

Postal carrier rescues pups

(WTHR) Working as a mail carrier for six years, Melinda Thompson's never met a dog she didn't like.

Garbage man delivers Christmas

(WFIE) On Monday, 4-year-old Liam Sadler did what he always does. He waited patiently for the garbage man to make his routine stop at his Evansville, Indiana home.

Caught on cam: ATV vandals

Security footage shows ATV riders with young children in tow destroying cameras as they sneak into gated community. Jamel Lanee' reports.

Brutal abuse: Poodle set on fire

(KFOR) Authorities in Spencer, Oklahoma are searching for the person responsible for burning a dog and leaving it for dead. Law enforcement say it is one of the worst cases of animal abuse they have ever seen.

Hero cabbie foils scam

(WBBH) A Florida cab driver has proven he's somewhat of a hero, once again. This time he helped stop a scam in progress before the victim lost more than a thousand dollars.

Layaway angel

(NECN) It was a gift no shopper at a Toys R Us store in Bellingham, Massachusetts was expecting to receive. An unknown person visited the store Wednesday and paid off $20,000 in merchandise that was on layaway.

Party nightmare: Dozens sickened

(WESH) About 25 people were hospitalized Wednesday afternoon after a case of food poisoning at an office holiday party in Maitland, Florida.

Serial killer targets homeless?

Atlanta police say they believe the person who shot two homeless men to death will strike again. Keith Whitney reports.

Caught on cam: Kolstad assault

(KARE) Newly obtained video shows the fight that nearly killed former MSU-Mankato football player Isaac Kolstad.

Rats run amok!

(WFLA) A St. Petersburg, Florida woman's home is inundated with hundreds of pet rats. They're living in the walls and chewing through the furniture, and shockingly, Florine Brown is reluctant to let them go.

Border mystery: River hijacking

Officials are searching for two men who hijacked a Canadian fishing guide and forced him to take them to the U.S. shore. Dave McKinley reports.

Silo for sale?

(KOB) It might be the safest home for sale in all of New Mexico. "I say come out and look, make an offer, and you can have your underground castle right away," said realtor Jim Moore.

Good samaritans dive in

(WPTV) A 92-year-old Florida man is alive after he was rescued by two men who jumped in the water to save him. Port St. Lucie police say the elderly man's car drove into a pond Wednesday afternoon.

Fairy tale comes true for "Wand Mom"

(KGW) An Oregon mother's handmade party favors for a "Harry Potter" themed party have turned into a fairy tale come true.