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Boy creates "The EZ Baby Saver"

A 12-year-old inventor is getting a lot of attention for his newest creation that aims to prevent children from being locked in the car. Carley Gordon reports.

Locking in the water

(KFDX) Extreme drought has the city leaders in Wichita Falls, Texas considering extreme measures. The town council will vote next week on coating local lakes with an anti-evaporation powder.

"Just glad to be free"

(WDSU) After spending nearly 17 years behind bars in a Louisiana prison, Nathan Brown, 40, found himself a free man.

Beachgoers rescue manatee

(WESH) A stranded manatee was lifted back into the ocean by beachgoers on Florida's Disappearing Island Wednesday afternoon.

Teen gives away car

(KSL) A Utah high school senior entered a contest to win a car, but her winning wasn't the biggest surprise. Instead of keeping the prize, she gave it to someone who she thought needed it more.

Cracking down on barking

(KVLY) A heated debate is dividing the town Wadena, Minnesota. A new pet ordinance has passed, and some in the community are calling it ridiculous.

Suitcase bodies: Cop charged

(WTMJ) A former Wisconsin police officer, Steven Zelich, was arrested Wednesday in connection with the discovery of two women's bodies stuffed in suitcases and dumped on the side of a road near the tiny town of Geneva earlier this month.

Foiled teen bomber speaks out

(KARE) New audio recordings reveal insight into the mind of a Waseca, Minnesota teenager who alleged a plot to murder his family and bomb his school.

Police: Infant denied medicine

(WESH) A Florida mother was arrested on Tuesday after her newborn's pediatrician reported her to police for not admitting the unhealthy newborn to the hospital.

School bus joy ride

(WJHG) A 12-year-old boy who reportedly stole a school bus and took a joy ride is facing some very serious charges.

Court to Aereo: Pay up

(NBC News) The U.S. Supreme Court has essentially put an abrupt halt to a way some Americans were watching television on the internet.

Court: No phone searches

(NBC News) The Supreme Court unanimously ruled Wednesday that police officers must first get a search warrant before searching your cell phone.

Plane on the highway

Tom Zollinger was hauling his newly acquired "dream" airplane back to Kentucky after picking it up from the seller in Satelitte Beach Florida, when he stopped for gas only to notice the plane was gone. Lisa Robbins reports.

"Peeping drone" apology

(KING) There are not a lot of uniform rules or regulations on who can fly drones and where.

Beer in the buff

(WBRE) The staff at Pennsylvania's Sunny Rest Resort is used to exposure, but not quite as much exposure as they have been getting lately. National media outlets are buzzing about Saturday's Bare Beach Beer Bash.