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Salvation Army: Digital donating

(WSLS) The Salvation Army is trying a new method of donating this holiday season.

Sanitation tech

Tech guru PC Mike Wendland takes a look at products designed to find and eliminate filth.

Unlikely trio: Cats adopt duck

(KARE) Losing a beloved pet leaves a space that is hard to fill.

Florida State: Searching for answers

(NBC News) A gunman is dead after opening fire inside Florida State University's Strozier Library overnight. The suspect, Myron DeShawn May, was later identified as a lawyer and a graduate of the university.

FSU: Books stop bullet

Florida State University student Jason Derfuss' life was saved when a bullet lodged in a book he was carrying during Wednesday night's shooting. Chris Hush reports.

Priceless photos returned

Florida woman tracks down the family pictured in photos hundreds of photos left behind following an eviction. Brittany Weiner reports.

Orion: Ready for liftoff

The Orion space capsule, eventually expected to take astronauts to Mars, will soon blast off for an unmanned test flight. Ryan Korsgard reports.

Seahawk surprise

(KING) Finding a lost wallet is not a news story, unless Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch finds it and brings it to your house.

Caught on cam: Snow plow stolen

(WOWT) Nebraska police are on the lookout for a stolen snow plow and the thieves who almost ran someone down with it.

Firefly tech: Illuminating surgery

(KPLC) Surgeons can now see below the surface of human tissue with a new imaging method using an injectable fluorescent dye during robot-assisted surgeries.

Sign shocks Nebraska town

(KSNB) A hateful message posted on a sign in Minden, Nebraska has sparked controversy in the tiny town. On Monday, a resident posted a sign reading "Aids, Ebola, Obama, Thanks Africa" on his property off of Highway 10.

Three dead in train collision

Witnesses say car passed line of stopped traffic and drove through flashing barricades before being struck by train. Leon Hendrix reports.

Same-sex vows in South Carolina

Couples say "I do" after South Carolina judge issues licenses ahead of state attorney general's expected move to block same-sex unions. Matt Bise reports. (WCBD) Same-sex marriages are underway in South Carolina.

Rustling makes a comeback

(WFLA) As beef prices rise, so does cattle rustling. "Theft is the biggest thing with cattle right now," says Florida rancher Paul Albert.

Immigration: Waiting for reform

(KGW) As the battle over immigration reform rages in Washington, D.C., thousands are watching carefully. Sisters Isaura and Ines Pena are outspoken advocates of change.