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Last minute getaways

On the heels of a study that found 40 percent of American Workers don't use all their vacation time, comes an offer from the travel industry that those workers may find difficult to refuse. Chris Clackum reports.

Ice Bucket Challenge: One man's hope

ALS patient John Gregoire and his wife Linda say the social media phenomenon raising money for research has given them new hope. Amanda Hill reports.

Caught on cam: Struck by lightning

(KHQ) An Idaho woman was nearly struck lightning Tuesday as she and her daughter recorded a passing storm. A bolt of lightning appears to strike the ground just beside Stephanie Weske outside of her Hayden home.

Ferguson: Will peace last?

National Guard troops begin pulling out of Ferguson, Missouri following two nights of mostly peaceful protests. Leanne Gregg reports. (NBC News) National Guard soldiers are moving out of Ferguson, Missouri.

Throne of terror: Killer wasp nest

(WFLA) A Winter Haven, Florida homeowner is working to remove a huge yellow jacket nest, before the wasps that live inside do any more harm. The wasps built a massive nest on a reclining chair that's stored outside a home.

A farmer's salute

(KFOR) An Oklahoma farmer and his wife came up with a unique, eye-catching way to pay tribute to airmen and women working at Tinker Air Force Base.

Creepy, but not illegal

Police say no crime was committed when woman pulled photos of twin babies off of social media and claimed they were her own children. Andy Devine reports.

Cops: Sex offender sought child

(KALB) A Louisiana man is behind bars, accused of attempting to buy a child for sex.

Not dead yet!

(WFLA) When 92-year-old Frances Evans got a letter in the mail about her death, she was amused.

Two years, two degrees

(WALB) 16 year-old Brianna Johnson is all set to graduate from Georgia's Wiregrass Technical College. In just two years she's completed the coursework for two degrees.

41 years of weather

National Weather Service honors volunteer observer who has provided data every day for 41 years, more than half her life. Alyssa Hearin reports.  

"Fatcat" comes home

(KPNX) Eight years ago, LaShena Harris' puppy was snatched from her backyard in Memphis, Tennessee.

Vitamins switched out

Police search for person who replaced vitamins with heart medication, pain relievers and cat food, then returned them to store shelves. Heather Walker reports.

Airline custody mix-up

Little girl flying as an unaccompanied minor reunited with her father after airline releases her to the wrong person. Keith Garvin reports.

Mace & waterboard challenge?

Veteran who lost friend to suicide ups the "ice bucket" challenge ante, voluntarily taking a blast of mace to the face, then waterboarding, to raise awareness of PTSD. Brittney Johnson reports.