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Outlet mall tips

(NBC News) Outlet malls have become the go-to shopping destinations for millions of people across the country who are hoping to find terrific deals on the top designer brands.

Ebola: Searching for a cure

Arizona State University researcher who helped develop anti-Ebola drug says the virus is slow to spread, which will help contain the outbreak. William Pitts reports.

North Dakota high school football team program educates players on domestic violence

(KVLY) As domestic violence issues continue to plague the NFL, one North Dakota football program is tackling the issue head on.

Ebola: Safe to travel?

(NBC News) The U.S. government is warning Americans not to fly to the West African nations of the Ebola epidemic, but what about flying here at home?

"The Hug" goes viral

(KWWL) Justin Scott has photographed high school sports for 15 years, but what happened Friday night during a game between two Iowa high school teams caught him off guard.

"Slow Response" followed TB test

New report finds Texas hospital waited more than a month before notifying parents of infants exposed to tuberculosis by sick staffer. Janice Yu reports.

Ebola: Dozens exposed

(NBC News) Health officials have ordered four immediate family members of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan to remain locked down in their Dallas, Texas apartment with no visitors until at least October 19th.

Minnesota awaits transgender vote

Proposal to allow transgender high school athletes to compete based on the gender they identify as subject of heated debate. Jana Shortal reports.

Afghan soldiers seek asylum

Attorney for Afghan trio that fled training and attempted to enter Canada say the men fear for their lives if they return to Afghanistan. Michael Wooten reports.

Realtors: Staying safe at work

(WBBH) The murder of Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter has other agents across the country discussing their own safety.

Student describes shooting aftermath

(WAVE) A student is recovering from a gunshot wound following a shooting inside Louisville, Kentucky's Fern Creek Traditional High School on Tuesday.

Scare at the fair!

(KOB) A night of fun turned ugly for a father and daughter after the ride they were on at the New Mexico State Fair broke down 145 feet in the air.

Ferguson: Focus on communication

Justice Department holds second town hall meeting in Ferguson, Missouri to promote improvements in city-to-citizen communication. Casey Nolan reports.

US unemployment rate drops

There's good news on the US economy, tonight: our unemployment rate dropped below six percent for the first time since 2008. But, despite that, the US middle class is still suck.

Thief leaves dog to die

(NBC News) A Las Vegas woman is asking for help after a case of theft turned into animal cruelty and death. Sara McKinnon wants to find the person responsible for killing the closest thing she has to a child, her dog Boo.