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Marine's balloon comes home

(WAVE) A balloon released in a Marine's memory found its way back to his mother for the second year in a row.

Border children: Inside tour

(KOB) In the coming days, hundreds of children from Central America, along with their mothers, will head to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico.

Snake has neighbors on edge

(KGW) Deputies are warning residents of a southeast Salem, Oregon neighborhood to watch out for their small children and pets because a 10-foot boa constrictor is on the loose.

Teen dies after overdosing on caffeine powder

An Ohio teen is dead after doctors said he took caffeine powder that is legal in some states, Mark Zinni has more on the harm of the dangerous stimulant.

Scorpions invade Vegas

(KSNV) An invasive scorpion that packs a painful sting is making the Las Vegas, Nevada area home. Experts believe the "bark scorpions" arrived in palm trees imported from Arizona.

Scouts flee wildfire

(KPNX) Some residents in eastern Arizona communities are being told to evacuate their homes as a wildfire burning in the White Mountains inched closer to them.

Terrifying find: Dog retrieves remains

(KCRA) A dog digging "obsessively" in its Yuba City, California backyard tipped off its owner to a number of unusual items, including doll fragments and a ceramic pot, along with human and animal skeletal remains, police said Thursday

Waiting for new arms

(NECN) A former Boston University professor of screenwriting and film production is writing a new chapter on bravery.

Caught on cam: Cop car attack

(WOOD) A man, apparently on drugs, jumped onto the windshield of a Michigan sheriff's department cruiser Sunday.

Missing boy mystery: Harsh discipline?

(WDIV) A 12-year-old Detroit, Michigan boy who had been missing for a week and a half and was the subject of an extensive search is out of the hospital and has been released to his mother after he was found alive and well in the basement of his

Holiday cookouts: The savings secrets

(NBC) The trip down the grocery aisle this 4th of July is set to be a pricey one.

Searching for valor

(KPNX) Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is defending the decision to use a helicopter and the volunteer posse to search for a dog that escaped from the Gilbert dog boarding facility where 20 dogs died last week.

Selling fireworks safety

(KGW) An Oregon fireworks vendor who lost his arm in a Fourth of July accident is sharing his story in hopes of helping others avoid a tragedy.

Beyonce: Forbes' most powerful celebrity

(CNN) -- Beyonce isn't just one of the world's most influential people. She's also the world's most powerful celebrity, according to Forbes magazine.

U.S. sends more troops to Iraq

(CNN) -- The United States has increased its military presence in Iraq, ordering 300 more troops to the violence-ravaged nation, the Pentagon announced Monday.