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Divers recover infant's body

(WFLA) A Florida man and his 7-month-old nephew are dead after a family picnic turned into tragedy along the Withlacoochee River Sunday evening.

Mudslides leave hundreds stranded

(KING) Nearly 200 people in Hoquiam, Washington were cut off after a landslide caused by heavy rain blocked the only road out of the neighborhood.

5-year-old girl killed after police say her father tossed her off a bridge

A 5 year-old Florida girl is dead after authorities say her father, identified as John Nicholas Jonchuck Jr., tossed her off a bridge. A police officer says he witnessed the entire incident.

Driver goes through DUI checkpoint in unique way

Some are calling it a step guide on how to get away with drunk driving, Charlie Keegan has more. Driver, "I have my flyer."

CES: Gadgets galore!

Functional jewelry, personal monitors and gadgets galore are on display at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Jennifer Bjorklund reports.

Shots fired at deputies

(WESH) Investigators are searching for a person who fired multiple gunshots at a deputy's unmarked vehicle near downtown Orlando, Florida.

Cold case confession

(KRIS) After more than three years of dead ends, police in Corpus Christi, Texas finally have a suspect in the 2011 murder of Patricia Duling.

Tiny house recovered

(WOAI) A Texas couple have been reunited with their tiny house after it was stolen just before Christmas. "It was depressing, devastating, made me angry and shocked all at the same time," said Casey Friday.

Tombstones toppled

(WHDH) Dozens of tombstones were found vandalized at a Whitman, Massachusetts cemetery Saturday.

Studies show alcohol poisoning kills 2200 Americans per year

New research suggests that alcohol poisoning kills about six people a day in the US. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that adds up to more than 2200 deaths annually.

Founding Fathers time capsule opened

(NECN) Early residents of Boston valued a robust press as much as their history and currency if the contents of a time capsule dating back to the years just after the Revolutionary War are any guide.

Sisters held without bail in shooting death of older brother

A 15 year-old girl and her 11 year-old sister were ordered held without bond in the death of their older brother. Their parents are charged with child neglect. All four appeared before a judge on Wednesday.

Firefighter pulled from flames

(KSHB) A fire captain had to be pulled from the basement during a house fire in Kansas City, Missouri Sunday night.

Tip of a lifetime

(WKYC) Customers inside Japanese steakhouses like things differently. Some like rare. Some like well done. Well, a rare event indeed happened New Year's Eve, when one family did something quite rare. And it was well done.

Lottery letdown

(KOB) A New Mexico man thought he won big bucks on a lottery scratcher only to find out it was a misprint. In December, John Wines bought a scratch-off lottery ticket in Roswell.