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Water worries

(NBC News) Half a million people in Toledo, Ohio are waiting to see if their water will be safe to drink. They've been in a water emergency all weekend after toxins were found seeping into the city's water supply.

Digital textbooks taking over

(NBC News) Finding inexpensive ways to purchase expensive college textbooks has led to a thriving industry online in used textbooks, but experts say that will soon change.

Walking with water therapy

A 14-year old girl is slowly learning to walk again after contracting a devastating disease. Her progress is good thanks to aquatic therapy. Kim Dacey reports.  

Dog owners face murder charge

The couple who owned the dogs that killed a 46-year-old man in Metamora, Michigan are arraigned on 2nd degree murder charges Friday. Rod Meloni reports.

U.S. Marine jailed in Mexico expected in court

A U.S. Marine, held in a Mexican prison for more than three months, has another court appearance today. Andrew Tahmooressi was detained by Mexican officials in March when he crossed the border with weapons in his vehicle.

Texas doctor joins ebola fight

(KPRC) The director of the High Containment Laboratory Operations at the Galveston National Laboratory is headed to Sierra Leone to help battle the Ebola outbreak.

Needles in the meat

(NBC News) An Illinois man is in jail, accused of sticking sewing needles into packages of meat in a Belleville grocery store.

Colorado immigrant licenses

(KUSA) Colorado began issuing driver's licenses and identification cards on Friday to immigrants who are in the country illegally or have temporary legal status.

Bees in the trees!

(WBBH) A Cape Coral, Florida neighborhood is buzzing over a sign warning them of Africanized bees. But is there really any danger? The sign warns people of an extremely aggressive type of bee - Africanized bees.

Where's the beef?

(WTMJ) Meat producer Cargill is shutting down its Milwaukee beef harvest facility. The company, which provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services, employs approximately 600 people in Milwaukee.

Ibrahim arrives in United States

(WHDH) A Sudanese woman who refused to deny her Christian faith in the face of a death sentence is back on US soil. Thursday night she landed in New Hampshire where her husband lives.

Dead fish close harbor

(KSBW) Millions of dead anchovies have shut down California's Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor.

Pot goes up in smoke

(WSMV) A Grundy County, Tennessee sheriff's deputy hunting rabbits stumbled onto something else entirely: more than 30,000 marijuana plants.

Mystery goo coats neighborhood

(KGW) Cars in one Salem, Oregon neighborhood are getting splattered with a sticky, gooey substance. Casondra VanDoren first noticed the problem back in May. Her SUV was covered in this yellow sticky goop.

Otter attack closes beach

(KING) A river otter attacked an 8-year-old boy and his grandmother as they were swimming in the Washington's Pilchuck River Thursday morning.