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Blind builder completes house

Michael Graham is finally moving into the house he built with his own hands, despite his lack of eyesight. Garrett Sanders reports. (KETK) A Texas man has moved into the home it took him more than a year to build.

Rethinking pink: Male breast cancer

There have be over 2000 cases of male breast cancer in the U.S. so far this year. It is estimated that about 430 of those men will die of cancer. So what should men do to keep themselves healthy? Dawne Gee reports.

No more monkey business

A couple living in Clewiston, Florida have filed a lawsuit saying that they're losing sleep because of monkeys. Andrea Hubbell reports.

Indoor tanning: College health hazard?

(NBC News) A new study finds 12-percent of the top colleges and universities in the United States have tanning facilities located right on campus.

Serial rapist captured

Fugitive Gregory Lewis, accused of sexually assaulting women in several states, has been captured in Fort Edward, New York. Ben Amey reports.

Deputy shoots deputy

(KOB) The Santa Fe County, New Mexico deputy accused of shooting and killing a fellow deputy is expected to appear in court for the first time in Las Cruces on Wednesday.

Heartwarming harvest

(KTIV) Over the summer Steve Williams from Storm Lake, Iowa broke his back after being thrown from his vehicle during an accident. Now, he's confined to a wheelchair and is unable to harvest his 300 acres of corn.

Mobile home?

(WMC) An historic house, stuck in the middle of one Memphis community, is on day three of its extremely slow journey.

Mothball mess angers neighbors

Florida woman spreads hundreds of mothballs across her yard to keep away animals, angering neighbors concerned about the health risk. Keitha Nelson reports.

Beer man foils robber!

(KFOR) An Oklahoma beer delivery man is being hailed as a hero after he took down a would-be robber at a convenience store in Enid on Tuesday morning. Brock Nulph, with Pope Beer Distributing, was in the middle of a delivery.

Love on the golf course

(KRNV) A Special Olympics event in Sparks, Nevada was made extra special for one couple on Tuesday.

Fire-breathing spider invades Salt Lake

(KSL) At the corner of Thunderbird Drive and Scenic Drive in Salt Lake City, Utah a giant steel spider now keeps several eyes on the roadway, sometimes distracting drivers passing by.

Identity thieves: Targeting children

Authorities warn that identity thieves are now targeting children, racking up debt that may not be discovered for years. Candace McCowan reports.

Breast cancer: Fast tracking treatment

(KPLC) When a woman is told she has breast cancer, it is not just a physical diagnosis. The emotional impact can be overwhelming, filled with uncertainty while waiting for treatment.

Hazing: When initiation turns deadly

The trial has begun for a brutal case of alleged hazing which turned deadly for one Florida A&M drum major in November of 2011. Michelle Meredith reports.