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Video voyeur busted

The Chief Financial Officer of a Florida maintenance company is charged with 123 counts of video voyeurism for allegedly secretly video-taping female employees in the bathroom. Shannon Behnken reports.

Caught On Cam: Fiery dusty devil

(KUSA) A 150 acre, prescribed burn near the Rocky Mountain Arsenal grew out of control when a massive dust devil swept fire and tumble weeds in the firefighters direction.

Oh deer!

(WJAR) A deer rescue was captured on camera after a family in Attleboro, Massachusetts woke up to quite the surprise Sunday morning. Grant Kelley, 7, was the first to see it.

Sailor, civilian killed in shooting at Virginia naval station

Navy officials say a civilian shot and killed a sailor at Naval Station Norfolk. The Commanding Officer at the base says the shooting took place after the suspect boarded a U.S. Navy destroyer last night.

3rd grader allowed back to school after shaving head in support of friend with cancer

A child's act of support for a friend fighting cancer got her banned from her school, but after a firestorm on social media, she's being allowed back at school, Ian Margol has the story.

U.S Attorney General releases new halfway house rules to help federal inmates

New rules require U.S. halfway houses to better prepare federal inmates for the transition back into society.

Authorities find about a dozen razor blades glued to playground equipment

It's perhaps the last thing you'd expect to find at a playground. Authorities say they found razor blades glued to playground equipment at a park in East Moline, Illinois.

Angie's List: Music and dance lessons for all ages

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn to tickle the ivories or dance the tango – mastering a new skill can benefit the mind, body and soul.

Shark attacks kite surfer

(WPTV) It was a normal Saturday day at the beach for kite surfer Kurt Hoffman when, all of a sudden, he says his arm felt like it got caught in a bear trap.

Caught On Cam: Pedestrian beating

(KGW) A quick trip to the store lands a man in the hospital in Portland, Oregon. Police say a mob of teenagers used a metal crutch and "razor" mini scooter to beat a man because he refused to give them cigarettes.

Mudslide leaves eight dead

(NBC News) At least eight people are dead and 18 more are missing after a massive mudslide tore through a residential community in Washington State Saturday, leaving behind a swath of devastation.

Crimean crisis takes center stage

President Obama is in Netherlands this morning to meet with world leaders and discuss among other things, Russia's actions to take over Crimea. Danielle Leigh reports.

Healthy kid treats for cheap

(NBC News) Food manufacturers have made it easy to feed children on the go with convenient packaging of kid favorites at the right price. But nutrition can get lost in convenience.

Inspired to serve

(WJFW) "When you've been in combat, and you've had friends that have been killed, you get the feeling to yourself that your life has been spared and you cannot waste it, and you must do something with it," says World War II ve

Multi-car accident caught on video

In Sacramento, commuters on the interstate were stuck in stop and go traffic after a chain of accidents on Monday morning.