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Purse snatcher tackled

(WESH) Ten Good Samaritans came to the aid of a 76-year-old woman who as she was being robbed in Orange County, Florida Wednesday.

Police: Girl starved to death

(KPRC) The death of a girl whose body was found wrapped in blankets inside a refrigerator in a Houston, Texas apartment has been ruled a homicide.

Sword slaying shocks Oklahoma

(KFOR) A 21-year-old Stillwater, Oklahoma man has been charged with first-degree murder in connection to the death of an area college student who, according to police, was nearly decapitated.

Van mom in court

(WESH) A woman accused of driving her van into the ocean with her children inside will only be allowed to communicate with them through a letter, a judge ruled Friday morning.

Caught on cam: Shocking abuse

(WFLA) A hidden camera placed inside a patient's room at a Winter Haven, Florida nursing home captured images that have two employees facing criminal charges.

Ready-to-roll costumes

(KUSA) Not many kids get their very own army tank to trick-or-treat in, but for 6-year-old Jake, his stepdad makes it happen.

Halloween's tiniest Trick-or-Treaters

(NBC News) Even though Halloween will be filled with candy, you won't see anything sweeter than the tiniest trick-or-treaters at one Los Angeles Hospital.

Alferd Packer: Colorado's cannibal

(KUSA) Colorado State Historian Dr. Bill has studied just about everything that relates to Colorado. There still are some stories that still intrigue him and just about everyone else in the state.

Breast cancer: A treatment revolution

(WBAL) There's a promising new treatment that doctors are using for patients with a specific, highly aggressive form of breast cancer that is having great success.

Important info apps

Apps can really help cut down on the clutter of important information and help you get more organized. Mike Wendland shows a few of his favorites.  

Ebola: A civil rights fight?

(NBC News) Ignoring a request that she stay isolated inside her home, nurse Kaci Hickcox rode her bicycle through Fort Kent, Maine Thursday morning, following a path she set out on overnight.

One last wave goodbye

(WFIE) For two years, Ken Walton spent most days sitting in his yard waving as cars passed by near Luce Elementary in Spencer County, Indiana. He always waved with two fingers, held in the shape of a "V".

GOP on a roll?

Republican momentum appears to be increasing ahead of next week's elections, which could result in a shift of power in the Senate. Steve Handelsman reports.

Mystery deaths: Family poisoned

(KSL) Investigators believe a family of five in Springville, Utah died last month of poisoning.

Caught on cam: Deer vs. biker

(KOB) An Albuquerque, New Mexico man slammed into a deer at 65 miles per hour while riding his motorcycle, and lived to tell the tale.