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Sharks ahoy!

(NBC News) Swimmers squeezing out the last bit of beach weather were back in the water in Duxbury, Massachusetts Tuesday, a day after a Great White shark was spotted just off the shore.

Terror on the bus

(WESH) Frantic passengers aboard a South Florida bound Greyhound bus called 911 in Volusia County on Sunday saying the driver was all over the road and falling asleep at the wheel.

Beef plant reopens

Kansas Processing plant shut down during controversy over "lean, finely-textured beef" reopens amid increased demand. Lindsay Cobb reports.

Botched execution triggers suit

The American Civil Liberties Union, The Guardian and The Oklahoma Observer file federal lawsuit after prison officials filtered what journalists could see during execution. Chellie Mills reports.

White House: Prospect of government shutdown won't stop immigration action

(CNN) -- President Barack Obama won't forestall upcoming executive actions on immigration amid Republican threats of another government shutdown, the White House said Wednesday.

Child firing Uzi at Ariz. shooting range accidentally kills instructor, police say

(CNN) -- A shooting instructor is dead, the victim of a gun-range accident. A 9-year-old girl is surely traumatized. And plenty of people, including many gun enthusiasts, are asking: Why give a child a submachine gun to shoot?

Crazy cat rampage

(KPRC) A Houston, Texas man says a neighborhood cat attacked him Monday morning as he was walking his dogs.

GHOST-Stealth ship of the future

Gregory Sancoff thinks he knows what the Navy needs, even before U.S. war planners do. The Navy, he says, needs GHOST.

Kid expelled over mom's Facebook post

A Florida mom says her 4 year-old was expelled from his preschool over a message she posted on her personal Facebook page, Heather Leigh reports.

Football dream comes true

(WFLA) A Lakeland, Florida boy is on top of the world after scoring a touchdown at a Saturday rec-league game.

Kill switches: Cell phone security

All new cell phones sold in California will soon have a "kill switch" that can remotely shut them down if they're stolen. Richard Sharp reports.

Death by underpants?

(WLEX) A bizarre murder investigation is underway inside Kentucky's Jessamine County Detention Center after an inmate reportedly died following an incident involving a pair of underwear soaked in methadone.

Sumo wrestler tackles swimming

(KSL) A former sumo champion has accomplished something that only four other people have done: swimming back and forth across Utah's Bear Lake.

Too many c-sections?

(KGW) In the United States one in three pregnancies end in a C-section. Why so many?

Quake cleanup underway

(NBC News) Residents and businesses in Napa, California are picking up the pieces after being jolted by the worst earthquake to hit the San Francisco Bay Area in a quarter century.