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"We have nothing to fear"

(KARE) In the wake of the al-Shabaab threat against the Mall of America, leaders in Minnesota's Somali-American community could think of no better place to make a bold statement against terror.

Do you have a "Soft Addiction"?

(WAND) When you hear the word addiction drugs, alcohol, or even caffeine may come to mind, but there are other fixations people crave. Shopping, tanning, chewing ice, gambling, drinking soda and exercising are just a few of them.

Left on the bus

(WOAI) School District officials scrambled Tuesday to find out how a 10-year old disabled 4th grader with Down's syndrome was left behind on a Pleasanton, Texas school bus for four hours in 43-degree weather.

Police Chief's brother murdered

Suspect in shooting of Cleveland police chief's brother attempts to take her own life after standoff with U.S. marshals. Mike O'Mara reports.

Fined for praying?

(KVLY) A Lisbon, North Dakota woman has been fined for praying too loudly on city sidewalks. After two court dates and paying $150 in fines for "unnecessary noise", Martha Nagbe isn't giving up sharing her faith.

FCC vote passes Net Neutrality rules

After more than a year of heated public debate, the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday passed "net neutrality" rules: They allow the agency to prohibit Internet service providers from granting faster access to companies tha

FCC debates open Internet rules

Federal Communications Commission debates "adopting strong open internet rules." FCC Debates Open Internet Rules - scheduled @ 9:30a ET

BBQ bandit strikes again

(WOAI) San Antonio's "BBQ Bandit" has struck again.

Playing to lose

Two Tennessee high school basketball teams have been banned after allegedly attempting to throw a game in order to avoid top-ranked team in upcoming tournament play. Alanna Autler reports.

Soldier takes AIDS fight to Uganda

(WDSU) Ten years ago, Army Reserve Capt. Frank Musisi went home to Uganda, to the village where he grew up. He was still at the beginning of a career that began when he came to America to go to school.

Whiplash weather puts plants at risk

(KSL) This February will finish up as the warmest on record in Utah, no matter what happens the next few days. But with the return of cold, snowy weather, many trees and plants throughout the state are confused about what's going on.

Snow sinks houseboats

(WLEX) The recent burst of extreme winter weather has taken a toll not just on land, but also on water. The heavy snow caused several houseboats to sink in Kentucky.

Fowl play?

(KING) Bob Dawson has been a fan of feathered creatures since he was a boy. He's dedicated a dozen years to caring for birds on his property in Carnation, Washington which he calls the Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary.

FBI arrest three men for attempting to join ISIS

One of three men arrested in the United States for attempting to join ISIS in Syria said the plan was to travel on Wednesday, hijack a flight and divert it "to the Islamic State, so that the Islamic State would gain a plane," accordin

Restaurant ho!

(WFLA) It was like a scene out of an action movie: a boat flying out dense fog on a beach and slamming into a popular restaurant. It happened Monday at Little Harbor in Ruskin, Florida, at the popular restaurant, Sunset Grill.