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Frostbite breakthrough

New treatment being used at University of Kansas hospital allows doctors to treat a patient's blood, not just frostbitten extremities. Garrett Haake reports.

CES: The wild & wacky

Smart socks that track your running form and talking yoga mats were among the quirkier gadgets on display at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Mark Barger reports.

"I knew I wasn't coming out of there"

(KHQ) "I'm not a quitter," says Barry Sadler as he eats oatmeal in a restaurant in downtown Mullan, Idaho. "But I knew there was no way I was coming out of there."

Caught on cam: Terrifying bus crash!

(KOB) Newly released video from cameras onboard an Albuquerque city bus show a terrifying crash that miraculously left the bus driver with just minor injuries.

Fourth graders plot to poison teacher

Police and school officials say students attempted to sicken teacher with hand sanitizer, which she's highly allergic to. Jennifer Mobilia reports.

Grave marker mystery

(KGET) The Ortiz family moved into their Bakersfield, Calfifornia home in October 2010. When they bought the house they had no idea that Wesley Lester Barber's gravestone was under a bush in their backyard.

"You have to fight to get better"

Young woman who survived plane crash that killed most of her family ten years ago offers advice to sole survivor of Kentucky crash. Nikki Newbrough reports.

Arctic blast bonus: Backyard hockey

(KSHB) Peter Veenstra loves the cold weather. "It isn't cold," he laughs. "Its nice."

Lucky dog plucked from ice

(WHDH) Sudbury, Massachusetts firefighters braved the cold Wednesday morning to rescue a dog who fell through the thin ice.

Smelly fog engulfs Seattle

(KING) A lingering, unpleasant smell engulfed areas in and around Seattle, Washington Tuesday night.

Terrifying ride: Semi drags minivan!

(WPBN) Four people inside of a minivan went for terrifying ride early Wednesday morning.

Airport shooting leaves one dead

(WCMH) A man was killed after allegedly lunging at an airport police officer with a knife at Port Columbus International Airport Wednesday afternoon.

Embryo donor turns to Facebook

(WSMV) A Tennessee family's decision has started a conversation across the country.

CES: Smaller, smarter, faster

Innovation is on display at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

An avocado a day...?

(NBC News) A new study completed at Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania, has shown that avocados can help lower bad cholesterol.