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Michael Brown laid to rest

(NBC News) The funeral of Michael Brown is underway. Hundreds lined up at the Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis early Monday morning ahead of the service.

Caught on cam: Albany implosion

Historic building gets an impressive send-off as it's imploded to make way for a new convention center in Albany, New York. Dan Levy reports.

Sleepy students: Delaying school

Experts recommend delaying middle and high school start times to better match natural sleep patterns of students. Erika Edwards reports.

Soda pot?

(KGW) A Longview, Washington bottler is using Washington's newly legal marijuana to create a new category of THC treats. It's the kind of pot consumption the founder, Atam Stites, hopes you can take home to mom.

Caught on Camera: 6-year-old boy in China survives being run over by an SUV

A little boy gets run over by an SUV and gets back up! A 6 year-old boy in China miraculously survives being run over by an SUV. The boy was playing with toys near his home when a red SUV drove over him.

Study: Teens need more sleep to function, push back school start times

Young adults should have later school start times, so they can catch up on sleep. That is the finding of a study from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Living their dream

(WPBN) A lot of people fantasize about selling everything they own and living a simpler life. One Canadian couple is making that dream a reality on the water.

Safe pill dispenser

A Mississippi invented a device that prevents pills from spilling out of bottles. He hopes the device will prevent children being hospitalized for ingesting pills they find on the floor. Jeff Daley reports.

Kids & chores: A digital solution?

(NBC News) It's a chore for the ages, a challenge for all parents: How to motivate your child to help around the house. Like everything else these days, there's now an app for that.

Keeping students safe

Denver public schools are installing classroom panic buttons that will automatically launch lockdown protocols. Nelson Garcia reports.

Downtown coyote scare

(KVOA) Coyote sightings in Tucson, Arizona seem to be getting more and more common but Thursday's run-in was downright dangerous especially for those like Bobby Rabert walking through Himmel Park.

"Hug me like you love me"

(KSEE) Families evacuated as the "Junction" wildfire raced toward their Oakhurst, California homes earlier this week are sharing incredible stories of survival.

Four injured in ice bucket challenge

Four Kentucky firefighters shocked, one critically, while assisting marching band with large-scale ice bucket challenge. Cedra Mayfield reports.

The ISIS threat

(NBC News) In a matter of months, the terror group ISIS has risen from an obscure Al Qaeda offshoot to one of the greatest emerging threats against the United States and now Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says the ISIS threat is beyond anything

Last minute getaways

On the heels of a study that found 40 percent of American Workers don't use all their vacation time, comes an offer from the travel industry that those workers may find difficult to refuse. Chris Clackum reports.