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Motion activated technology phones

(KING) Researchers at the University of Washington could slowly change the way you interact with your cell phone, making your smartphone smarter.

Flooding in Arizona

(KPNX) The rain - hitting Phoenix like a hammer. So thick you couldn't see the road. Cars with their hazard lights on, barely visible. Driving rain in sheets, blowing sideways, flooding roads.

New prosthetic hand is changing lives

Prosthetic limbs have been around for decades, but the Michaelangelo is the world's most technologically advanced prosthetic hand. R.J. Heim reports.

Military widows introduce "TAPS"

Paying for college is a major expense for students and their families, including the families of fallen service members.

"Just a woman that worked alone."

(NBC News) Missing Arkansas realtor Beverly Carter has been found dead. An intense search for Carter had been underway since Friday morning.

Dumpster puppies

It was a sad story out of Nevada, six puppies left for dead in a dumpster. But now, 15-months later, the pups are healthy, happy, and hungry for birthday cake. And this weekend, all six were reunited for the first time since they were rescued.


The President admits that U.S. intelligence underestimated ISIS, and as military strikes continue, there is a brewing battle at home as to whether Congress needs to authorize the military action. Brian Mooar.

Pumpkin fever: Healthy or not?

While many foods that contain "pumpkin" are automatically considered to be healthy, some pumpkin-flavored foods may actually be quite the opposite. Erika Edwards reports.

A child with a rare lung disease helps others

The family of a four year old boy with a rare lung disease help raise money for research and spread awareness of pulmonary hypertension. Britney Glaser reports.

Glamorous camping?

"Glamping" (glamorous camping, for those laymen out there) is a new trend in outdoor recreation popping up around the country. John Hollenhorst reports on luxury tents in Utah that can cost up to $495 a night.

Peripheral arterial disease

A Louisiana man almost lost a limb to peripheral arterial disease (PAD), something a cardiologist called one of the most under-diagnosed and under-treated conditions in America. Britney Glaser reports.

Man dies after 13-year-old driver hits cow

A DeRidder man is dead after the vehicle he was a passenger in struck a cow in Beauregard Parish last night.

Woman appears in court for allegedly stripping another woman naked and beating her

There were no words Friday from a 21 year-old Fresno woman accused of stripping another woman naked and beating her.

Doctors: Think twice about 'the pill' for teen birth control

When it comes to effective birth control for teens, "the pill" might be considered a reproductive relic.

Home heart monitoring

A new insert-able cardiac monitor is designed to help doctors quickly diagnose and treat irregular heartbeats that may be related to unexplained fainting. Cathy Marshall reports.