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No more pelvic exams?

(NBC News) Routine check-ups with a gynecologist may no longer include something women have come to expect during visits: The pelvic exam.

McDonald to head Veterans Affairs

(NBC News) Former Procter & Gamble chairman Robert McDonald is President Obama's choice to fix the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs.

Corporations and contraception

(NBC News) The United States Supreme Court has ruled that for-profit companies can claim a religious exemption to the contraceptive insurance mandate of the Affordable Care Act.

Showing their colors

(WFMJ) Volunteers placed flags by the thousands outside homes in Hubbard, Ohio over the weekend. They're making sure nearly every house has one for Independence Day.

Murder by truck

(WXIA) A Douglasville, Georgia family is in shock after a motorist turned a vehicle into a weapon and ran over a grandmother right in front of them.

Body found in 1977 identified

(WESH) In 1977, the skeletal remains of two young women were found by Lake Mann in the Parramore, Florida area.

Doggie dentist eases visits

(KING) Monica Johnson is so terrified of going to the dentist, she went 15 years without an appointment. "It's not gonna happen," she says. "I feel like a chicken. I wish I could explain it."

Silent surfing

(WTLV) Dozens of blind and deaf children are making major waves on Jacksonville Beach.

Stolen art to stay

(WTLV) A cherished painting at Jacksonville, Florida's Cummer Museum hung on the wall for many years will remain on display.

Americans fall in love with 'football,' national team during World Cup

(CNN) -- They watched by the tens, if not hundreds of thousands. In cozy sports bars and cavernous sports stadiums. In living rooms and in public spaces. In front of computer screens and in front of big screens in downtown plazas.

Protesters block buses carrying undocumented immigrants in California

(CNN) -- Angry protesters forced three buses carrying undocumented immigrants to turn around Tuesday in Southern California.

Projected Path of Arthur

The Carolinas and Virginia will not have the best 4th of July weekend with the passage of what could become Hurricane Arthur.  Here is the latest projected trajectory of that storm.

Congressman replaced by robot?

(KFOR) An Oklahoma congressional candidate has announced he plans to contest Tuesday's primary election of long time Representative Frank Lucas because Lucas is a robot impostor.

WWII vet graduates

Veteran Thomas Smith received his long overdue high school diploma after missing out on that privilege due to illness and his service in WWII . Mark Mulholland reports.

Marine's balloon comes home

(WAVE) A balloon released in a Marine's memory found its way back to his mother for the second year in a row.