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Police officer in VA gets worldwide attention for act of kindness to 2 young boys

A police officer in Virginia went beyond the call of duty to help two young boys, Nate Eaton shares the inspiring story that folks around the world are talking about.

Japanese electronics firm debuts a colorful troupe of cheerleading robots

We've seen robots that talk, and robots that clean, but what about robots that cheer? These cheerleading robots will be on display at a trade show near Tokyo next month.

Chicago flights stopped, area air traffic snarled after fire at FAA facility

Air travel for thousands of people across the country was thrown into disarray Friday morning after a fire closed a major Chicago-area air traffic control center that directs traffic across a large swath of the Midwest.

Man beheads woman in Oklahoma warehouse


ISIS threats target NYC subway?

There's more security in New York subways this morning after Iraq's new Prime Minister surprised everyone and told reporters ISIS was planning to attack subways here, and in Paris.

Espanola Police catch 'ghost' on surveillance cam

Surveillance video recently taken at the Espanola police station is a bit freaky.

Very few companies offer unlimited vacation days, but these do

Just because Richard Branson does it, doesn't mean the rest of America will. On Wednesday, the billionaire business mogul announced Virgin Group employees can take as much vacation days as they need.

South Carolina Trooper charged in shooting

A South Carolina court has released dash cam video in a trooper-involved shooting earlier this month.

Teens arrested in pizza delivery worker's murder were on house arrest

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Jaundice detection on your phone

Researchers at the University of Washington are putting the science behind the Jaundice app known as the BiliCam.

Pennsylvania woman blamed for her own rape in state response to lawsuit

The Pennsylvania attorney general's office is blaming a former state prison clerk for her own rape, in response to a federal lawsuit the woman filed.

UVA suspect in court

32-year-old Jesse Matthew, Jr., wanted in the case of missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, was captured Wednesday night in Texas.

Eric Holder announces resignation

Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday he will resign after six years at the Justice Department helm. He will stay in the position until his successor is confirmed, he said in a statement.

Kansas: Profiting from porn

The state of Kansas will soon earn money from selling sex. Right now hundreds of adult toys are sitting in a Kansas City warehouse, and they are all up for auction.

New drug danger: 'Cloud 9'

More and more high school kids are getting their hands on a synthetic drug known on the street as "Cloud 9."