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Boy tossed from bridge

(KGW) An Oregon mother is behind bars after tossing her 6-year-old son to his death off of the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport Monday evening.

School plot foiled

(WBAL) Police in Towson, Maryland say they have uncovered plans by a 16-year-old boy to try to kill people at George Washington Carver Center for the Arts and Technology.

Sugary drinks get taxed in Berkeley, CA

Sipping on sugary drinks will soon cost you a little more cash in Berkeley, California. Voters in the city approved a one cent an ounce tax on sugary sodas and energy drinks.

Video of Mexican mayor and wife's hideout home

A Mexican mayor characterized as a "probable mastermind" in the mass abduction of 43 students has been taken into custody as authorities have tracked down a top target who eluded them for weeks -- even if they still haven't manage

Cops cleared in sword shooting

Utah authorities say officers were justified in fatally shooting a young man after he swung a prop sword in their direction. Andrew Adams reports.

Football players to the rescue

(KOB) Two football players from Eastern New Mexico University are being called heroes after they helped lift a truck off a man.

Colon cancer: New home screening

(KARE) Millions of people can now receive a new test for colon cancer in the comfort of their own home. Doctors can now prescribe a new non-invasive take-home stool sample kit called Cologuard.

End of life decisions

The death of 29-year-old cancer patient Brittany Maynard has brought new attention to end of life decisions, and the discussions patients should have with their doctors and family. Erika Edwards reports.

Stroller theft leaves child stranded

(WTLV) A Jacksonville, Florida mother is asking for the public's help after her daughter's wheelchair-stroller was stolen.

More men getting Botox injections

Women aren't the only ones trying to get rid of wrinkles and improve their looks.

Mexican mayor, wife arrested in case of missing students

A Mexican mayor whom the country's attorney general has called a "probable mastermind" of a mass abduction of 43 students has been arrested in Mexico City, a federal police spokesman said Tuesday.

Virgin Galactic: What went wrong?

(NBC News) New evidence suggests both human error and mechanical failure played a role in the crash of Virgin Galactic's experimental SpaceShipTwo test flight.

Dad dies saving family

(WDIV) A festive night for one Detroit, Michigan family turned tragic Saturday morning.

Winter wines: Beating the cold

(KTTC) Driving through Plainview, Minnesota past acres upon acres of corn, you'll discover a different kind of crop. Vineyards specializing in cold-resistant grapes have taken root in the area.

Fire leaves five dead

(NECN) As darkness fell Saturday, fire investigators in Portland, Maine, surrounded the blackened and charred apartment home right near the University of Southern Maine.