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Washington teen vanishes

(KGW) Anji Dean's family can't believe no one has seen or heard from her since her disappearance on June 23rd.

Child chained in shed

(WMC) Six children are in protective custody after a young boy was found chained in a backyard shed behind his Memphis, Tennessee home.

Backyard cougar!

(KHQ) A family in Spokane, Washington woke up in the middle of the night Saturday shocked to look out their back window and see police trying to catch a cougar in their backyard.

Preparing for pot sales

(KING) The nation's second legal recreational marijuana market is opening in Washington state Tuesday, but it might not be what voters expected when they legalized the sale of heavily taxed pot a year and a half ago.

Phone circles the globe

(KFOR) An Oklahoma man has his phone back after it traveled halfway around the world. Kevin Whitney of Chickasha says he lost his iPhone last October.

Israel calls up reservists as rockets fly

(CNN) -- Rockets flew between Israel and Hamas as tensions in the region continue their upward climb.

4 injured, 22 stuck after Six Flags roller coaster derails

(CNN) -- A tree branch that fell on the tracks derailed a roller coaster car at a Six Flags amusement park Monday evening, leaving it dangling precariously.

Homeland Security Secretary: Murrietta protests, hostility is unfortunate

Jeh Johnson, Homeland Security Secretary on Immigration, spoke about the border crisis on NBC's Meet the Press show.

Border tension

(NBC News) Congress returns to work Monday, with just four weeks before their next break to deal with the immigration crisis at the border.

School sales already?

(NBC News) There's now another reason to call it "Christmas in July." Right after the July 4th holiday, some stores are already offering back to school sales, the earliest ever.

Got milk?

(WESH) Florida investigators have accused three womenof stealing baby formula then selling it for profits in the millions.

Life as a mermaid

(WVLA) Don't be surprised if you're in a Baton Rouge, Louisiana pool and you bump into a "mermaid". Vanessa Lewis is turning heads as she splashes into pools across the city.

Dust storm slams Phoenix

(KPNX) About 25,000 utility customers lost electricity in the Valley on Thursday night after a dust storm closely followed by rain felled power lines and trees and caused minor street flooding in some areas.

Immigration on the front burner

President Obama set to hold Fourth of July naturalization ceremony at the White House as Washington wrestles with ongoing immigration crisis. Tracie Potts reports.

Back from the wild blue yonder

(WRCB) One day in the late 1990s David Kerley was flying his home-made model plane along the foot of Signal Mountain by the Tennessee River. Something went wrong with the plane and its radio contact.