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Mother leaves her children at Wal-Mart after getting busted for shoplifting

A Florida mother's attempt at shoplifting ended with her running from police and leaving her two crying children at the store. She's now facing child abuse charges, Shaun Chaiyabhat has the story.

Caught on cam: Terrifying train escape

(WTHR) An engineer thought he killed two people who dropped down on the railroad tracks right in front of his train, but in what some are calling a miracle, they survived. The close call was caught on video.

A new study finds the handshake transmits double the amount of bacteria

(NBC News) Our society dictates that when meeting someone new the polite thing to do is shake their hand. Now new research suggests the common handshake is great, if you want to make someone sick.

Market Basket's Family feud

(NBC News) A family feud in the corporate offices of popular Northeast grocery store chain market basket has led to a week of huge rallies featuring frustrated workers and customers.

School security: Big business

(KWQC) Talk about "The Sleeve" has spread quickly in the past five weeks. Fighting Chance Solutions has already made sales to 22 states.

Goliath Grouper back on the menu?

(WPTV) State fishing survey groups decided Thursday that they will start a survey to estimate the number of Goliath grouper fish currently swimming in the reefs surrounding Florida.

"Pure Hell" penis amputated

(WVTM) A man has filed a lawsuit against Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham and a number of other defendants claiming his penis was amputated without his permission.

Dogs kill jogger

(WDIV) A 46-year-old man has died after being attacked by dogs while he was on a run Wednesday evening in Metamora, Michigan. Police said Craig Sytsma, of Livonia, was running when two 3-year-old cane corsos attacked him.

Forget stuffed animals, claw your way to a beer

You know those claw grab games, where you can win a stuffed animal? Well, now there's a similar game, but with a very different prize, Justin Pazera shows us the Brew Buck'it.

Florida man pulls victim from car crash, just months after saving neighbors from fire

(WBBH) A Naples, Florida man is making a reputation for himself as a hero.

Faulty firetrucks pulled

Ladder failure that injured Georgia firefighters results in firetrucks across the country being pulled from service. Candice Lee reports.

7-year-old leaps into action when mom collapses

(WMTV) A young Wisconsin boy took action this week when his mom was in need. Chad Legler is only 7, but knew what to do when he found his mom unconscious. Chad ran to his neighbor and got help.

Boy battling inoperable brain tumor asks for birthday cards and is overwhelmed by the response

(NECN) Thousands of cards and letters swamped the post office in Foxboro, Massachusetts Wednesday.

Missing: One giant head

(WVIR) A prominent figure in the Fry's Spring neighborhood of Charlottesville, Virginia is missing. The three-foot tall concrete resin statue of a head vanished from the stump in front of a home last Tuesday.

Small alligator vanishes from exhibit at Michigan's Garlyn Zoo

(WPBN) Michigan State Police are helping search for an alligator that escaped from a zoo in west Mackinac County. When Garlyn Zoo Owner Gary Moore found out one of his alligators escaped his zoo, he feared the worst.