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President Obama says his administration is working on a plan for combating ISIS

(NBC News) With pressure mounting to deal with ISIS in Syria and Russia in Ukraine, President Obama says the United States isn't ready yet.

Hot new apps!

Tech guru PC Mike Wendland shares some of his favorite new apps.

Ebola vaccine on the horizon?

(NBC News) An Ebola vaccine made in labs at the National Institutes of Health has shown promise in animal studies. Now human clinical trials are set to begin within the next week.

Cop shoots sword-wielding man

(SNN) A Florida man is dead after he allegedly charged a Manatee County deputy while brandishing a samurai-style sword.

Cop contest draws fire

Critics say Albuquerque, plagued by recent police shootings, is a poor choice to host the NRA's Police Shooting Championship. Kai Porter reports.

Infant goes on wild ride after family car is taken with him inside

(KVOA) An Arizona infant is safe with his parents after taking a wild ride. It all began at a Tucson shopping center where Claudia Arvizu was inside getting her new car insured.

Florida nursing home investigated after 90-year-old patient is left in the sun for hours

(WBBH) A 90-year-old Florida man is in critical condition after deputies say his nurses at Aristocrat Nursing in Naples left him outside in his wheelchair in the heat for nearly three hours.

Plastic police on patrol

(KFOR) An Oklahoma community is getting a lot of attention for the work of one of their officers.

Shocking abuse: Chained child

(WOOD) An 11-year-old boy who was found wandering down a Michigan road early Tuesday told authorities he was running away from home because he had been physically abused.

Back to school apps

(NBC News) Getting back to school means getting back on a schedule and several new smart phone apps aim to assist with that challenge.

Roadside delivery drama

(KSL) A Utah couple is now laughing after a hectic roadside delivery captured on the recording of their call to 911.

"COPS" crew member killed

(WOWT) An audio technician for the long-running reality show "COPS" is dead after being caught in the crossfire of a police shootout in Omaha, Nebraska.

Water warning: Brain-eating amoeba

Naegleria fowleri, a brain-eating amoeba, has been found in the water supply in Louisiana's St. John the Baptist Parish. Andy Cunningham reports.

Surf's up!

(NBC News) It's a surfer's paradise along the Southern California coast.

Gun range death ignites safety debate

(NBC News) Haunting video from an Arizona gun range shows the final seconds of shooting instructor Charles Vacca's life.