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Tragedy returns to Fort Hood

(NBC News) Military investigators continue to search for clues at Fort Hood and the apartment alleged gunman Ivan Lopez shared with his wife and young daughter before Wednesday's deadly attack that left four dead and 16 wounded.

Police waiting on results of toxicology report in Corpus Chrisiti man cause of death

Mission police are waiting on toxicology reports to determine the cause of death after a car crash on Tuesday.

Albuquerque: Inside the protest

(KOB) Albuquerque's police chief says tear gas was used to break up Sunday night's massive protest after officers spotted a man carrying an assault rifle. Officers say the protester was carrying a loaded AK-47.

Hovering hawks on the attack

(WESH) Birds are usually a sight for sore eyes but, in this case, they could just leave you sore. Two adult hawks have been dive bombing employees and citizens heading in and out of the library in Port Orange, Florida.

Seahawks pitch in

(KING) Members of the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders soccer team visited Darrington, Washington Monday, providing a lending hand and welcome distraction to a community devastated by the mudslide.

Wedding gowns turned angel gowns

(WXIA)In the days and weeks after Lori Beth Blaney's daughter died, she just wanted to hear her name.

Dahmer home for sale

(WKYC) Most folks in Summit County and Northeast Ohio know the history of Jeffrey Dahmer. Many are unaware that he grew up in Bath. While he may be gone, the stories still persist.

Invasion of the Iguanas

(WBBH) Some Cape Coral, Florida residents are worried about an iguana invasion in their neighborhood. They say the creatures are digging up holes behind their seawalls -- a major safety concern for some homeowners.

Caught On Cam: Drive thru assault

(WFLA) A Winter Haven, Florida man is charged with assault after cell phone video showed him throwing a punch at a woman in a McDonald's drive-thru.

FBI attempting to identify man suspected of sexually exploiting a child

The FBI is reaching out to media across the country, releasing images of an unknown male, suspected of sexually exploiting a child.

Tree trimmer talks about getting a chainsaw stuck in his neck

A man who climbs and trims trees for a living plans to take a few days off after getting a chainsaw stuck in his neck. Needless to say, the man is lucky to be alive, Lisa Sylvester reports.

Man staged burglary to avoid going to work

A Florida man is accused of staging a burglary so he could avoid going to work. 31 year-old Dwayne Yeager is now facing charges of providing false information to law enforcement, Paul Mueller reports.

Down but determined

(KUSA) Born with Cerebral Palsy, Lucas Vialpando from Aurora, Colorado cannot stand up or walk without crutches. But Lucas doesn't like the word "can't."

Teen turns sneaker mogul

(WPTV) Step into Jason Shatsky's room and you realize this West Boca Raton teen has some big ambitions. Jason is the founder of, a business that is bringing in some serious cash.

Caught On Cam: Slow chase

(WMBF) A South Carolina man is in custody after stealing a Georgetown County Police car and leading a high speed chase into Tabor City, North Carolina.