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Miracle kitty: Cat shipped to Hawaii

(WAVY) The story is hard to believe, but cat owner Ashley Barth and the veterinarian's office where her pet is being treated say it's true: Mee Moowe the cat survived a month-long trip from Virginia to Hawaii without food or water.

Is that pot on your breath?

Washington State University researchers work to develop breathalyzer that will detect THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Cynthia Johnson reports.

One driver, 16 DUIs

(KUSA) Denny Lovern has 16 alcohol-related driving convictions, most of which were in Colorado.

UPS vs. pregnant driver

Justices heard the case of a pregnant UPS driver, Peggy Young, who was under doctors orders not to lift heavy packages.

Fatal school bus crash

(WBIR) Parents had emotional reunions with their kids Tuesday evening after two Knox County school buses collided in East Knoxville.

Airman surprise

(WFIE) A little girl name Hannah thought she was being taped by the news because of an upcoming school project. She thought wrong.

Boy in the wall returns

The boy who was kidnapped and hidden inside a Georgia home for four years is now back with his mother in Orlando. Gail Paschall-Brown reports.

Ebola emergency funds

The President's request for Ebola Emergency funding has been sitting on Capitol Hill for weeks as Congress works on a new Federal budget. Tracie Potts reports. Ebola "emergency" funds... Not so much of an emergency.

Therapy dog brings the love

(WBBH) It's not every day that you see a four-legged furry animal strolling the halls of Florida's Cape Coral Hospital.

Holiday savings: Apps for shopping

Tech guru PC Mike Wendland takes a look at apps designed to help you save during holiday shopping.  

Moose on the loose!

(KTTC) The Western Moose is a common sight in Canada and northern Minnesota, but to see one 15 miles from the Iowa border is a rare and surprising sight.

Auto sales jump

Auto sales for November are expected to hit nearly 17 million units, and set the stage for a strong month in December. Mark Barger reports. (NBC News) The big auto makers have reason to be jolly this holiday season.

Caught on cam: Brutal bus attack

(WKYC) Four teens are in police custody in connection with a brutal assault on a Cleveland, Ohio RTA bus driver early Sunday morning. RTA leaders released video of the assault Monday afternoon.

Woman accused of faking cancer, collecting more than $18,000

A woman is being accused by her friends of collecting more than $18,000 for terminal cancer that she never had. Erin Talpey claimed to have terminal brain cancer with just months to live and asked people for help on Facebook.

Atheist billboard raises eyebrows

(WTMJ) Controversy is swirling surrounding a billboard along I-94 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.