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Anchorage installs bullet-proof barrier

(KTUU) Anchorage, Alaska assembly members will soon find safety behind a bullet resistant barrier. It's being installed in the Assembly chambers and expected to be complete before the next meeting.

More wars ahead?

The U.S. has wrapped up two wars, but is being pushed into two new conflicts this morning. Under pressure from its allies, the Obama Administration is considering sending arms to Ukraine... and stepping up its game against ISIS.

Valentine spoilers cover your tracks!

(NBC News) People will be spending more this year on Valentine's Day according to the National Retail Federation, and many will be buying gifts online.

Vermont ski resort hailed by the EPA for its "green" snow operation

(NECN) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency his hailing Vermont's Killington Resort for its efforts to reduce its environmental impacts.

Eat like a Ninja!

"American Ninja Warrior" contestant and registered dietitian David Schwartz helps others live healthier lives. Dr. Frank McGeorge reports.

Anthem hit by hackers

Personal data from as many as 80 million customers of the nation's second largest insurance company may have been compromised in hacking attack. Brian Mooar reports.

Eating for your heart

(NBC News) A new survey from the Cleveland Clinic finds many people are unclear about what kind of diet is best to combat the number one killer of Americans: heart disease.

Barbershop discipline: Old man cuts!

(WXIA) They're the photos seen 'round the world: A 10-year-old boy being disciplined by having to get an "old man" haircut. A Snellville, Georgia barber came up with the idea.

Measles: Are you protected?

(KING) Missi Diamond isn't sure she's immune to measles, although she does remember getting a shot more than 40 years ago. That's why she came to the Any Lab Test Now location in Renton, Washington to get tested.

Priceless medals recovered

(KCRA) Medals, photos and other priceless military mementos will soon be reunited with the family of a World War II veteran thanks to the efforts of one Sacramento, California detective.

Boy dies after re-routed 911 call

School employee says minutes were wasted after boy's collapse because 911 call was re-routed through Canadian dispatch center. Anne Di Grazia reports.

Golden anniversary times two!

Indiana family celebrates 50th wedding anniversary, along with 50th birthday of bride's sister, who was born during the ceremony. Jess Raatz reports.

Beaten for cursing?

Family of Texas teen files suit, claiming on campus police officer beat him with a baton after the boy cursed at him. Jennifer Bauer reports.

Lottery winner murdered

(WDIV) An 86-year-old Detroit, Michigan man disappeared after winning thousands of dollars in the lottery has been found dead.

"Less lethal" weapons for Ferguson?

Ferguson, Missouri police officers will soon test device that makes their service weapons "less lethal" in an effort to preserve life in potential police shootings. Casey Nolen reports.