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Rivers apartment for sale

(NBC News) The palatial Manhattan apartment of the late comedienne Joan Rivers is up for sale.

Couple charged with arming ISIS

(KSDK) Six people, including three St. Louis residents, are facing charges, accused of providing support and resources to terrorists.

No more walking to work

(WDIV) James Robertson has been walking 21 miles to and from his job in Rochester, Michigan because he can't afford a car. His story inspired a wave of generosity in the form of hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations.

Good deed goes viral

(WNCN) A nervous teenage boy, getting ready for a job interview at Chick-fil-A, went to Target to look for a clip-on tie. What he got was a whole lot more.

Valentine's Day gets wired

(NBC News) Americans are expected to shell out nearly $19 billion dollars this year for Valentine's Day, averaging more than $140 dollars per person.

No punishment for peeping?

Oregon man won't face punishment for taking "upskirt" photos of 13-year-old girl after judge finds no privacy law was broken. Mark Hanrahan reports.

Coast Guard station attacked

Man rams truck in to Michigan Coast Guard Station after threatening to blow up the building, then attacks staff inside. Heather Walker reports.

"American Sniper" trial begins

(NBC News) Jury selection is underway in the trial of the man accused of killing "American Sniper" Chris Kyle.

11-year-old faces murder charge

(WKYC) An 11-year-old Ohio girl has been charged with murder following the death of a 2-month-old baby. The girl's mother was babysitting the 2-month-old Saturday night when the incident happened.

Say cheese! Hubble Telescope spots smiley face in space

Hey universe! Smile, you're on camera! It sure looks like a smiley face beaming down from the heavens, but this is actually a massive galaxy cluster known as SDSSJ-1038+4849.

American ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller dead, family says

The family of Kayla Mueller, an American woman held captive by the Islamist terror group ISIS, said Tuesday it has received confirmation that she is dead.

ISIS strategy

At Monday's President Obama's meeting with Germany's Chancellor - a key ally in the war on terror - as critics question whether the U.S. strategy against ISIS is working.

Dealing with "Mommy guilt"

(WFLA) If you're a mom, you've probably felt "Mommy Guilt" at some point in your life. Maybe you even feel it a lot.

Hearing for the first time

(WKYC) Maggie Gleason, 14, who was born deaf, heard sound for the first time in her life when hearing specialists at UH Case Medical Center turned on an innovative electronic device called an auditory brainstem implant, or ABI.

Brothers battle blood disorder

(WDIV) Shwachman-Diamond syndrome is a disease so rare that only nine people in Michigan are known to be affected, according to Canton mom Erica Frew. She should know, because three of them are her children.