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Singing for the marathon

Middle school students lend their voices to recording of "I Will Run Again" to be played at the upcoming Boston Marathon. Amanda Grace reports.

Praying for healing

Hundreds gather in Arlington, Washington State Tuesday night for vigil honoring those impacted by Saturday's mudslide. John Langeler reports.

Caught On Cam: Botched burial

Family outraged after woman is buried in wrong cemetery plot, then casket is severely damaged during reburial. Krystle Henderson reports. (KPNX) A northern Arizona family is distraught over the botched burial of a loved one.

Pup in a pipe!

(KSEE) A little black puppy was the focus of an urgent rescue in Fresno, California Tuesday afternoon. He was missing when his owner, Priscilla Hinojosa, went out to feed the mother dog and puppies at lunchtime.

Grim task

(NBC News) As the search continues for survivors of a deadly mudslide in Washington state, the first steps in helping those affected have already begun.

Working together

President Obama is in Belgium emphasizing the need for the U.S. and Europe to work together to fight international threats. Tracie Potts reports. President Obama continues his European diplomacy tour in Belgium today.

Music without instruments

(WFLA) There's a saying some musicians know well: "play the music, not the instrument." Now a quintet at the University of South Florida is taking that to a new level.

Breaking the ice

(WKYC) The Great Lakes hit the second highest level of ice coverage in recorded history this winter.

Memories of "The Big One"

(KTUU) Every Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m., Kodiak, Alaska residents hear the siren's call, a weekly reminder of a potential threat.

Neighbors help in search

(KING) The Darrington Fire Department has worked as incident command in the Snohomish County landslide. Several search and rescue crews have dispatched from the location there, but they aren't the only ones helping.

Life saving play

(WXIA) Some of us go through our whole lives and never find out whether we'd come through in the clutch.

Are you a "Yooper"?

(WLUC) A word commonly used in Michigan's Upper Peninsula will finally be showing up in the Merriam-Webster dictionary after a 10-year campaign.

Mob rule

(WAVE) Police are searching for a group of teens accused of several violent and damaging incidents in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

Power of "Paws-itive" thinking

(WESH) For years therapy dogs have been making the rounds at Orlando Health Cancer Center, offering companionship and a distraction from the reality of not feeling well.

The science of mudslides

(KING) At the University of Washington's seismology lab, where even the tiniest earthquakes are tracked and measured, the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network recorded not one, but two landslides Saturday morning less than four miles east of t