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Secret Service failures probed

(NBC News) Secret Service director Julia Pierson testified Tuesday on the security breach that occurred at the White House 11 days ago, calling the events that transpired "unacceptable".

Murder suspect, "I'm sorry"

(NBC News) The family of Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter is in mourning following the discovery of her body and arrest of a murder suspect.

UVA: More crimes tied to suspect

(NBC News) As the search for a missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham continues there are indications the suspect in her disappearance could be tied to at least two other horrific crimes.

No more yoga pants!

(KVLY) A North Dakota high school is cracking down on yoga pants, skinny jeans and leggings. All are banned under the new dress code at Devils Lake High School.

Dead child targeted in voter drive

North Carolina conservative group under fire for voter registration mailers addressed to children, the deceased and pets. Beau Minnick reports.

Transgender policy draws fire

Opponents of Minnesota proposal that would allow transgender athletes to play sports based on gender identity launch controversial ad campaign. Blake McCoy reports.

Caught on cam: Saved from the sea

(WBBH) What was supposed to be a family-fun fishing tournament quickly turned into a terrifying water rescue in the Gulf of Mexico.

Woman freed from trunk

(WAVE) A missing woman has been found alive inside the trunk of a car in Louisville, Kentucky. Good Samaritans heard the woman struggling inside the car.

Savoring every sight

(KTUU) A young Texas boy whose sight will soon fade is visiting Alaska to see landscapes he has long dreamed about. Ben Pierce was born four months early and weighed just 22 ounces.

UVA suspect linked to 2009 murder

Investigators say forensic evidence ties kidnapping suspect Jesse Mathew, Jr. to murder of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington. Kurt Gregory reports.

Caught on cam: Bus attack

(KPNX) A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrests of two people involved in the assault of a bus driver in Mesa, Arizona.

Paralysis mystery

A group of children in Colorado is showing polio-like symptoms, and doctors wonder if it may be linked to a nationwide enterovirus outbreak. Erika Edwards reports.

Secret Service Director Pierson resigns

The Director of Secret Service has resigned.

Mother shames daughter on camera for ditching class

A high school student in Casper, Wyoming is sorry she skipped out, or ditched, class. It's not the punishment from the school that bothers her, it's what her mother did, Xavier Walton has the story.

O'Hare delays

For a fourth straight day, air service out of Chicago O'Hare remains crippled by delays and cancellations, following Friday's fire. Jay Gray reports.