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Louisiana waste facility won't accept Ebola ash

A Louisiana waste disposal facility says it will not accept the ash from incineration of a Texas Ebola victim's belongings, at least not until state officials agree that doing so would pose no threat to the public.

New Alzheimer's research may help with prevention

New Alzheimer's research could advance prevention and treatment of the disease.

LA landfill tells Texas officials it will not accept Ebola victim's belongings

Chemical Waste Management, the company that owns a landfill near Lake Charles, has told Texas officials it will no longer be accepting the Ebola victim's remains. The issued the following statement:

"I've got Ebola." joke causes paninc on plane

A joke about Ebola on a plane caused hours of delays for some U.S. Airways passengers, Rene Marsh has the story.


There's a high-level meeting happening near Washington this week about how to defeat the terrorist group known as the Islamic State, or ISIS.

Governor's fiancee illegal marriage

During a press conference Thursday afternoon, Portland's Governor Kitzhaber's fiancee admitted to illegally marrying an 18-year-old Ethiopian immigrant so that he could obtain residency in the U.S. Mike Benner reports.

Dementia memory box

As people get older memories can fade, but memory boxes filled with momentos can help provide comfort. Michael Crowe reports.

Missing hiker found

(KING) The King County Sheriff's Office says a Snohomish County rescue helicopter located a hiker Thursday who had been missing near Snoqualmie Pass with her two dogs for three days.

Name change fight for baby

A Brentwood, Tennessee couple is suing the state of Tennessee for the right to choose the surname for their newborn son. Nancy Amos reports.

Honeycrisp apples in high demand

It is surprising they don't have guards stationed nearby, because inside this giant storage area are bins of gold, -a.k.a. honeycrisp apples.

Same sex marriage

A decision earlier this week by the U.S. Supreme Court not to act on same sex marriage is causing a lot of confusion. Four days later, couples in states where marriage is supposed to be legal can't get licenses.

Bridezilla or techzilla?

Technology is starting to take over more than just our every day activities, and can now be spotted in many wedding ceremonies. Mark Barger reports.

Speed up your texts

Tech guru PC Mike Wendland looks at apps designed to help you text.  

Caught on cam: Wild chase

(WDIV) A wild police chase through the streets of Detroit ended with a crash Thursday afternoon. The chase, which never reached high speeds, started as a drug stop and lasted about 25 minutes.

ISIS: Danger at home?

Illinois teen accused of attempting to join ISIS appears in court; Canada says dozens of militants may have returned from Syria. Steve Handelsman reports.