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What stinks in Louisville?

(WAVE) A mystery of really stinky proportions currently surrounds Louisville, Kentucky. "It smells real nasty," Louisville resident Patricia Reynolds said.

For sale: One town

(WXIA) You'll find all sorts of things for sale on Craigslist and eBay, including a small southern town. Downtown Grantville, Georgia is currently for sale on eBay.

Fighting cancer with cocoa

Young Colorado boy braves the cold to sell hot cocoa and cider to raise funds for Denver's Children's Hospital. Jonathan Gonzalez reports.

Receiving the gift of sound

(WTWO) An Indiana mother has received the best gift she could ask for: her hearing. Mother of five Melissa Santo has been dealing with hearing loss most of her life.

Hockey team escapes roof collapse

Youth hockey coaches hailed as heroes for rushing players to safety as ice rink roof collapses during practice. Jeff Saperstone reports.

Netanyahu prepares for Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a joint meeting of Congress today.

Tax refunds: Save or splurge?

(NBC News) It's the heart of tax season, and that has many Americans thinking about what to do with their refund. If you are getting money back that extra cash can feel like a bonus, but what should you do with the money?

Carbon Monoxide leaves three dead

(WDTN) Three Ohio children are dead following a carbon monoxide leak at their grandmother's home. Four children were found unresponsive inside the home on Friday afternoon.

Homeland security battle

The first hurdle today: whether Democrats and Republicans will even agree to sit down and talk about funding Homeland Security. "I would urge Senate Democrats to stop blocking this.

What's in a dog?

(KING) A tiny capsule with four cameras inside is revolutionizing veterinary technology, and helped a sick Arlington, Washington dog.

Is this your ring?

(WBAL) Imagine losing your wedding ring in a snowstorm. That's exactly what happened to a man in Edgewood, Maryland and now the woman who found it is trying to find him.

Pit Bull attack leaves dogs dead

(WESH) A Deltona, Florida woman and her dogs were attacked by two dogs that came through a wooden fence onto her property.

Roof collapse destroys "Toys for Tots"

Heavy snow causes roof collapse at Maine warehouse holding "Toys for Tots" donations, including memorabilia given by Taylor Swift. Danielle Waugh reports.

Caught on cam: School bus slap

(WLWT) A Cincinnati, Ohio mother is facing an assault charge after police said she slapped a child on a school bus.

Frozen in place

(WCSH) Nearly everyone in Maine is sick and tired of the ice and cold and nowhere is that more true than in Friendship.