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Interstate becomes parking lot

(WAVE) Heavy snow and icy roads snarled traffic throughout the Louisville, Kentucky area Wednesday night, turning interstates into parking lots and leaving many drivers going nowhere.

Facebook flub: Post leads to arrest

(WLWT) 21-year-old Andrew Marcum turned himself into the Butler County Sheriff's Department on Tuesday, after committing a Facebook flub that has gone viral on the internet.

Fire rescue on tape

(KCRA) Officials honored two firefighters Tuesday night, nearly a month after they saved two women from a burning apartment building.

Frost heaves lock down businesses

(NECN) Add this to the long list of headaches this brutal winter has created: a handful of Vermont businesses have been unable to properly use their own front doors, because frost heaves impeded the doors from swinging normally.

"The Voice" contestant sheds pounds

Popular "Voice" contestant Stephanie Anne Johnson doesn't look familiar to fans of the show anymore. She's lost 20 pounds. Josh Green reports.

Gold heist: 911 calls released

(WNCN) North Carolina authorities have released 911 calls related to the gold heist along I-95 Sunday night. Three different callers described the aftermath of the $4.8 million heist to dispatchers.

Blasting bugs with lasers!

New high-tech bug zapper identifies certain types of mosquitoes, then shoots them out of the air with low-power lasers. Glenn Farley reports.

Wild ride: Bus plows through traffic

(WDIV) Newly released video shows a Detroit area SMART bus slam into several vehicles during an October, 2014 crash.

Snow shoveling gets heated

Ohio man uses snow-blower to target Good Samaritan shoveling neighbor's driveway, then creates pile to block sidewalk. Mike O'Mara reports.

Child crushed in gate

(KSNV) An 8-year-old boy has died after being injured by an automatic closing gate at a North Las Vegas, Nevada neighborhood entrance.

Walking on the job

(KGW) Emergency dispatchers in Washington County, Oregon are testing the use of treadmills at their 911 call center.

Tide turns for bullied toddler

(WCBD) A toddler and mother facing the wrath of the internet may now be on the right side of the web. Things are getting better for Kyra Pringle and her daughter Mariah, a 2-year-old with a rare genetic condition.

Wrong turn, lucky rescue

(KSL) A woman from Washington state was extremely lucky that a group of Southern Utah rescuers was out practicing their skills this weekend.

Tantrum turns deadly

(WESH) Family and friends are mourning the loss of a 13-year-old Florida girl who died after being hit by a car.

Mansion on the move

A massive 4,500 square foot brick home is slowly making its way from Fargo, North Dakota to the nearby town of Horace. Christina Craig reports.