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Otter attack closes beach

(KING) A river otter attacked an 8-year-old boy and his grandmother as they were swimming in the Washington's Pilchuck River Thursday morning.

Hot car child safety

A recent increase in cases of injury or death to children who are left in hot cars have hit the news recently, sending entrepreneurs scrambling to create devices to cut down on these instances. Chris Clackum reports.

Healing through comedy

Comedian Travis Howze is in the comedy hot seat every time he steps on stage. After years as a firefighter, policeman and Marine, he is used to the heat, but his career hasn't always been a laughing matter. Justin Quesinberry reports.

Accent classes are canceled y'all

(WBIR) After a backlash from employees, Oak Ridge National Laboratory decided to drop a class that teaches how to minimize a Southern accent.

Drought hits record level

(NBC News) The latest report from the National Drought Mitigation center finds that California is now at the "exceptional drought" stage, the worst in history. Neighboring states are in similar shape.

Unlikely pair: Dog & duck

(WITN) An unlikely pair are turning heads on the North Carolina coast.

"Lack Of Oversight" Hurt

New Government Accountability Office report details failures that led to botched roll-out of Brian Mooar reports.

Accused kidnapper's troubling history

Couple says Nathaniel Kibby, facing charges for holding 15-year-old captive for nine months, harassed and attacked them after car crash. Jonathan Hall reports.

Too big for court?

(WOOD) A Grand Rapids, Michigan man claiming he's too large to go to court to face the felony charges says he's already suffering enough.

Arizona mom delivers in minivan when she can't make it to the hospital

(KPNX) An Arizona woman was forced to give birth in her minivan after her newborn just couldn't wait for the short drive to the hospital.

New home for wounded warrior

(WTLV) One national organization is paying it forward, and granting a deserving Jacksonville, Florida mother the gift of a new home.

Jet ski pizza makes a splash

(WPBN) It's not every day that your pizza delivery man has to wear a life jacket, but for folks on Michigan's Long Lake, that's exactly the case.

Porch shooting: Alcohol in spotlight

Expert witness testifies on amount of alcohol Renisha McBride consumed on the night Theodore Wafer fatally shot her. Roger Weber reports. (WDIV) On the night before she was killed, Renisha McBride was drinking shots of vodka.

Dry lake discoveries

(KSBY) The day police and dive teams pulled a stolen car out of California's Laguna Lake, a teenager found a gun stuck in the mud nearby.

Fugitive pig trapped after terrorizing Maine neighborhood

(NECN) A pig gone wild is back behind bars Wednesday in the town of Oakland, Maine after nearly two months living on his own in the woods.