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Ebola patient Nina Pham talks from her hospital bed

I love you. That's what Nina Pham says to her doctors in her hospital room. Pham left Dallas on Thursday for Maryland to get treatment for Ebola.

Rats invade Baton Rouge

(WVLA) A colony of large rats is drawing crowds to a ditch in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Too old for FaceTime?

(KARE) When Anna Stoehr recently created her Facebook page, she did what many youngsters have done to bypass age requirements. Anna lied about her date of birth.

Twin surprise!

(WHO) An Iowa woman went into a walk-in clinic with stomach pains and received news she never expected, she was pregnant with a rare set of twins and didn't even know it.

World War II veteran says he had no idea who Brad Pitt was

(KARE) When asked to name the last movie he saw, George Smilanich jokingly says "The Glenn Miller Story." That may explain his reaction when Brad Pitt came calling.

Ebola: What went wrong?

A team from the Centers for Disease Control is trying to determine how nurse Nina Pham contracted Ebola while treating Thomas Eric Duncan. Jay Gray reports.

Study finds violent acts are seldom related to violent media

The study, authored by Brad Bushman, a professor of Communication and Psychology at Ohio State University, found a consensus among some researchers, parents and pediatricians.

IRS reminds employers their responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act

If you are an employer, the number of employees in your business will affect what you need to know about the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

CDC Director, "I fear Ebola spreading widely in Africa."

Dr. Thomas R. Frieden/CDC Director, "And I will tell you as the Director of CDC, one of the things I fear about Ebola is that it could spread more widely in Africa.

Parents of man shot to death by police say officer should be in prison

Parents of man shot to death by police after drunk-driving chase say the officer who pulled the trigger should be in prison. Rod Meloni reports.

School bans birthday cake

Kentucky elementary school bans birthday cakes and other outside food during classroom celebrations, upsetting many parents. Tammy Mutasa reports. (WLWT) A Kentucky elementary school is taking birthday cake off the menu.

Flag fines spark protest

(WBBH) A hardware store owner in Cape Coral, Florida has received an outpouring of support after being told to remove several American flags on display outside of his business.

Brother keeps Powerball promise

(KTVZ) October 3rd was a pretty average day for one of Powerball's regulars, until 45-year-old Eric Hale of Bend, Oregon realized he won. Hale is counting his blessings with $1 million prize.

Coach's Facebook rant draws fire

Texas football coach placed on paid leave after taunting losing rival team with profanity-laced Facebook post. Jennifer Bauer reports.

Birthday wish comes true

(KSL) A Utah boy with Down syndrome had just one wish for his 9th birthday - 99 birthday cards.