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Facebook to make mobile users download Messenger

Facebook is eliminating instant messaging for mobile and tablet users. If you want to chat with friends you'll have to download messenger, the dedicated texting app Facebook rolled out in 2011.

A new study looks at how TV viewing may be linked to a baby's fussy behavior

Does your toddler seem overly fussy and have trouble calming him or herself? It can be stressful, especially for new parents, but new research says plopping your child in front of the TV may not be a good solution, Carl Azuz has more.

Winning the war with picky eaters

(NBC News) Getting children to eat their vegetables has always been a battle, but dietitians insist that this battle is well worth the trouble.

World War 1 love letters uncovered

(WFIE) Love letters from World War I were found hidden away in a Jasper, Indiana home during a remodel. Those letters, dated July 1918, were found tucked away inside insulation of Phil Mathies' attic.

Caught On Cam: Runaway carriage

(WSAV) A carriage horse takes off through downtown Savannah plowing into parked cars and scaring pedestrians. The horse took off from the west side of Ellis Square, running down Congress Street, still pulling the carriage.

Signatures in support of Shanesha

A petition bearing 12,000 signatures calls for Arizona officials to drop criminal charges against Shanesha Taylor. She is the mom arrested on child abuse charges after leaving her two kids in a car during a job interview.

PD: Wife shot by husband during 911 call

Police in Colorado are investigating whether marijuana edibles played a part in a Denver man shooting and killing his wife. Maya Rodriguez reports.

Undercover officer goes Amish

(WPXI) A male cop went undercover, dressed as an Amish woman for an entire month in Pulaski, Pennsylvania, trying to arrest or scare off a man suspected of exposing himself to Amish children.

Dead whale floats onto Oregon beach

(KGW) Authorities are trying to figure out how to get rid of a 40-foot dead and decomposing gray whale that floated onto the beach in Seaside, Oregon Tuesday.

Attempting diplomacy

The United States, European, Russian and Ukranian officials will meet today for the first time in Geneva to try and resolve the crisis in the Ukraine. Tracie Potts reports.

Sprint markets phones to kids

(WEAU) How young is too young for kids to have cell phones? It's a question parents have been debating for more than a decade.

Road rage death by choking

(KPRC) Houston Police are investigating a deadly road rage incident that ended with a driver being choked to death Tuesday morning in Houston, Texas.

The value in sharing

A women's teen basketball player from Madison, Minnesota cuts her MVP trophy into three parts for two other deserving players. Boyd Huppert reports.

Bear attack victim speaks

(WESH) A Seminole County, Florida woman, who was attacked by a bear outside her Lake Mary home, is talking about the desperate prayer she uttered as the bear snapped down on her head. Read More:

MN students get lesson in wildlife research

High school students in Minnesota put down the books and computers and head outdoors for hands-on lesson in wildlife research. Dave Berggren reports.