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Tacos for life tattoos

Kris Kimber is now entitled to a lifetime of free tacos after he got a tattoo of a taco featuring the logo for Flint's new food truck, Vehicle City Tacos. Walter Smith-Randolph reports.

ISIS terror

Iraqi's Prime Minister says the U.S. and its allies aren't doing enough to fight ISIS, but Defense Secretary Hagel says what we're doing is working. Tracie Potts reports.

Birthmark breakthrough

Researchers identify genetic cause of Sturge-Weber syndrome, often associated with facial birthmarks, which means new trials and new hope for sufferers. Megan Pringle reports.

Getting back on their paws

(NBC News) Dogs love to run and play, so it can be difficult for dogs and their owners when the animal loses the ability to walk after experiencing some kind of traumatic spinal cord injury.

Abortion & guns

Leading anti-abortion activist calls on pro-life supporters to join fight against gun violence at annual March for Life. Steve Handelsman reports.

No more leggings?

(WBIR) Whether it's shorts that are too short, or sagging pants that can't stay up, ever-changing fashions lead to dress code confusion.

Putting balls to the test

University of Indianapolis football players take part in experiment to demonstrate the potential advantages of a partially deflated ball. Jeremy Brilliant reports.

Saving the planes

(KCRA) P-3 Orion aircraft were once a common sight over California wildfires, dropping thousands of gallons of water and flame retardant. Now you'll find the planes sitting idle at McLellan Airfield in Sacramento.

Oregon tracks measles exposure

Health officials urge workers and patrons at four Eugene businesses to report any measles-like symptoms after they may have had contact with infected patient. Seena Sleem reports.

Frats trash ski resorts

Two ski resorts are cleaning up thousands of dollars of damage allegedly left by fraternities from the University of Michigan. Michael Gordon reports.

Super heroes, Super Bowl, Super bet

Twitter trash talking between Patriots fan Chris Evans, aka "Captain America" and Seahawks fan Chris Pratt, aka "Starlord" from "Guardians of the Galaxy" escalates into a Super Bowl bet that will benefit young fans

Trucker nearly crushed

Trucker driver injured when Cincinnati interstate overpass collapsed on his vehicle describes his close call. Kimberly Gill reports.

Toddler shoots self

(WFLA) A 2-and-a-half year old Florida boy is dead after shooting himself with his father's gun.

Strip-searched in class

California mother says her 5th grade son was forced to disrobe after teacher accused him of stealing homework passes. Claire Doan reports.

Sitting to death

New study finds sitting at a desk all day and in front of the TV in the evening increases your risk of an early death. Erika Edwards reports. (NBC News) You may not want to sit down for this next bit of news.