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Driving by eye

Microsoft engineers and former NFL star suffering from ALS team up to create a wheelchair that users can control through eye movement. Glenn Farley reports.

Extracurricular costs

(NBC News) So many schools across the country are so strapped for funds that parents are now being asked to pony up even more, especially when it comes to after school activities.

Betting on the pot business

(KING) The new marijuana laws in Washington state are driving innovation in business.

Born at school

Mom doesn't let labor pains stop her from taking son to Pre-K registration, where she delivers with the help of teachers and staff. Phil Archer reports.

Overdose emergency

New Hampshire governor declares state of emergency after dozens overdose on synthetic drugs "Smacked" and "Spice". Jennifer Eagan reports.

Attacked with acid

(KOB) Two dogs in Lovington, New Mexico were attacked with acid again this week in a disturbing sequel to a similar attack in July. This time, the puppies weren't as fortunate, and didn't survive.

Busted for cussin'

(WAGT) A South Carolina mother who was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly using profanity in a grocery store over the weekend has heard from the woman who made the initial complaint.

Pole dancing: An Olympic sport?

(KCRA) Could pole dancing become an olympic sport? Dancers and instructors at one California fitness studio don't think the idea is such a stretch.

Drunk in class

(KPNX) An Arizona high school teacher was cited Wednesday after she showed up to school intoxicated.

Back to school apps

Tech guru PC Mike Wendland takes a look at apps designed to help students with their work.  

Girl left on playground

(WCNC) Police are conducting a criminal investigation against a Salisbury, North Carolina mother accused of leaving her daughter alone at a park.

Exhuming Jane Doe

(KTTC) For decades, a woman has been buried at the Riverside Cemetery in Blue Earth, Minnesota without a name, only the one given to her by investigators 34 years ago.

Gun rights showdown

Houston community leaders vow to match Open Carry Texas marchers "gun for gun" at planned Saturday rally, calling the group "insurgents". Robert Arnold reports.

ASU player comes out

Arizona State University football player Chip Sarafin believed to be the first active major-college football player to come out publicly. Monique Greigo reports.

Grounded for looking sick

(WTLV) On August 5 72-year-old Suzanne Hays was traveling from Akron, Ohio to Orlando, Florida. Hays had a flight change in Detroit, and that change has become an experience she would like to forget.