Nastiest neighbor in America, I lost my home

Thursday, July 18, 2013 - 1:28pm

A Minnesota woman, called America's nastiest neighbor, is telling her side of the story.  Lori Christensen, 50, says she has been banned from her home after years of complaints form her neighbors, Pamela Brown has the story.

She's been dubbed the neighbor from hell, all stemming from complaints that Lori Christensen has been anything but neighborly.

(Reporter): "Are you the neighbor from hell?"

"I would not think so."

Kim and Greg Hoffman say Christensen has been harassing them for years after an argument between their young daughters.

It allegedly started with Christensen yelling obscenities and it only got worse.

"That's the way we learned to live. And that's the way we learned to raise the kids, you know?"

They started filming Christensen's antics, showing her provocatively dancing in her driveway and drinking out of an oversized beer bottle, seen as a way to taunt Kim Hoffman, a recovering alcoholic.

"It doesn't allow you to really heal completely because it's putting it in your face every day."

The Hoffman's filed a restraining order, but that didn't stop Christensen from posting these large signs on her garage door, with one reading "I saw mommy kissing a breathalyzer".

Shortly after, Christensen was sent to the slammer for a month after ignoring the judge's orders.

(Reporter): "Mommy was kissing a breathalyzer. You know your neighbor is a recovering alcoholic. That wasn't targeted at her?"

"I just don't agree with people drinking and driving."

(Reporter): "So the one that you put up saying 'get a life you stalk, freak. Guilty talk the loudest.' What was that all about? Who was that directed at?"

"Uh. You know, I was a bartender for years. They have people that follow me, drive by. Maybe it was, maybe I was a little guilty on that one. Greg's standing in his driveway videotaping me? That's creepy."

On Monday night, Christensen pleaded guilty to violating her restraining order once again, this time for filming the Hoffmans at their home.

(Reporter): "Are you done with the Hoffmans? You're done?"

"Oh, I've never had a problem with them. I just chose to not hang out with them or have them over to my house anymore."

Christensen says she has lost her job and now plans to sell her house in this quiet Minnesota cul-de-sac because she's forbidden to return there.

"They had an obsession. They wanted to make my life miserable."

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