Napping On Air

Monday, September 5, 2011 - 9:19am

Gym incorporates "air-napping" into its workout routine.

Napping is usually not part of a typical workout, but for one Charlotte, North Carolina health club and its members, it plays a big role in their daily exercise routine.

The people at Flex-and-Fit partake in air-napping class.

Participates in the class take a 25-minute nap in a sheet-like-cocoon that hangs from the ceiling.

After the nap people can then return to their workout or daily lives.

In her former life, Flex-and-Fit owner Shama Patel was an attorney and was inspired to start an air-napping class when the workout room wasn't used for yoga and other classes.

"When I first entered corporate America, they did have a nap room," Patel said. "It encourages us to take a nap and recharge and then get to work."

It has become a big hit among many members at the health club.

"This was one of the best naps I've ever taken, I might have to get one for my home now," said Evan Panesis.

The air-napping class is included with the Flex-and-Fit membership, but people can also buy day passes to partake in the class.

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