Mystery Crash Search

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 - 4:02pm

Illinois woman disappears after husband dies in a car crash.

The search continues for a missing mother of four after a tragic weekend accident.

Authorities in LaSalle County are looking for a woman who left a party with her husband over the weekend. Their car crashed after midnight and the husband was instantly killed. The only signs of his wife have been footprints in the snow and a shoe near the crash scene.

Prodding, probing, sweeping along the grand ridge black top road, a massive search mobilizing once again on the ground, in the air hoping to find some sign of Tanya Shannon.

Tanya and her husband Dale Shannon were returning from a holiday gathering with Dale's co-workers at the Lodge trucking company.

Donna Baker, the victim’s sister, says "having a great time they were dancing together laughing. they were very much in love with each other."

But it would all end tragically as the couple headed home after midnight.

LaSalle County Sheriff Tom Templeton says “the car spun out, struck a power pole and Mr. Shannon was killed at the scene.”

It happened right down the road from the exelon nuclear power plant.

Every since a shoe and footprints were found not far from the accident site, teams like this have been searching relentlessly.

Sheriff Templeton says “tracks coming from the driver's side door of the crashed vehicle up to the road and a shoe, like a slip on shoe."

As teams continue to deploy, the couple's four young girls pay their mom is still alive.

Ms. Baker says "we're just hoping that mom is out there and somebody got her and we're holding out hope for a safe return for the kids."

The hope of so many out here today.

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