Murray Trial

Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 3:35pm

Questioning of the prosecution's final witness continued today.

Questioning of the prosecutions final witness continued for the third day. Yesterday Dr. Steven Shafer pulled no punches during his testimony laying out what he calls 17 egregious violations in Dr. Murray's care of Michael Jackson. Shafer called four of them unconscionable and unethical with at least one being illegal.

Dr. Steven Shafer says "The lack of medical records it's such a profound violation, it's the real time records, it is the, it's everything."

Some of the most disturbing violations according to Shafer's testimony included using propofol as a sleep aid and administering it in Jackson's bedroom without proper monitoring. At one point Shafer was particularly disturbed by the fact that Dr. Murray waited to call 911.

Dr. Steven Shafer says "that is so egregious that I actually find it difficult to even comprehend that you could have a patient who has arrested and you leave a voice message for someone, its just inconceivable to me."

The defense had claimed that Jackson took several lorazempam pills withouth telling Dr. Murray the morning of his death and that Jackson may have given himself the fatal dose of propofol. But today on the stand Dr. Shafer disputed both those claims.

Dr. Steven Shafer says "the possibility of a direct self-injection seems extremely unlikely."

Shafer also told jurors that had proper medical care been given he had no doubt Michael Jackson would still be alive today. Once the defense begins it's case it's expected to take about four days with fifteen witnesses so we could see the case go to the jury as early as the end of next week.

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