Moving In For The Kill

Thursday, September 16, 2010 - 3:06pm

Crews are taking the final steps needed to complete the "bottom kill" of the gulf oil well.

Crews are inching closer to permentantly sealing the fractured Deepwater Horizon well.

"We are within a 96 hour window of killing the well," National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen told reporters Thursday.

It can't come soon enough for those who live and work along the Louisiana Gulf Coast and have been waiting almost five months for an end to the disaster.

Still, not all the news coming out of the gulf is good.

Independent scientists say they're finding blankets of oil along the floor of the gulf stretching for miles, and in some areas two-inches thick.

There's still a lot of oil in the water, and washing ashore.

"It's going to continue, its kicking up from the bottom, its being washed into the surf. Is moving in and out of the marsh, so we continue to pick up a lot of oil," says Plaquemines Parrish President Billy Nungesser.

In Plaquemines Parish they're also gathering thousands of dead fish.

State scientists say the latest kill is the result of a lack of oxygen.

Local officials say they want to be sure that lack of oxygen isn't related to the oil.

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