"In The Mouth Of Hell"

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 2:05pm

Friends describe terror inside Aurora theater.

There are plenty of stories of heroism coming out of the Aurora theater shootings.

President Obama told one story of two girls Sunday after meeting with victims in the hospital.

Allie Young and Stephanie Davies are best friends, and now forever connected.

"We are extremely positive people," said Allie from her hospital bed.

The young woman was shot twice in the neck, has nerve damage in her right arm and pieces of metal all over her body.

Some may be removed--others will remain forever.

The two became best-friends this year after meeting at work.

If you've ever had a best-friend, you know the power of the bond that can exist but rarely is it ever tested the way it has been for Allie and Stephanie.

"She saved my life which will always be emotional for me," Allie said.

They talk about that night as hard as it must be.

"A massive noise and explosion and I just remember opening my eyes. I'm on the ground, blood everywhere and I just hear her saying 'Allie get up! Allie get up, we have to go,'" Allie recounts.

The President described their story to the world, but hearing Allie and Stephanie tell it first hand is something quite different.

Allie was shot, Stephanie was keeping pressure on the wound, and the whole time the gunman was still shooting.

"We're laying there literally in the mouth of Hell," Stephanie said, as she remembers that night. "There's smoke. There's explosions. There's blood. There's death. There's guns being fired."

The two made it outside and a stranger helped carry Allie across two parking lots and up a hill to the closest ambulance.

The girls were separated, and that they say, was the hardest part.

Now that they are reunited, that bond of best friendship is tested, true and forever unbreakable.

"She was willing to give up hers to let me run and I was willing to give up mine to make sure she lived," Stephanie said.

Allie's condition was upgraded to fair Monday.

She's hoping to be out of the hospital by the weekend.

As for their time with the President, the girls simply said he's much taller than they thought.

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